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Introducing Miele Little Giants Series Washers and Dryers

Introducing Miele Little Giants Series Washers and Dryers

The new Little Giants Series from Miele is a high-performance selection of high-end washers and dryers that bring commercial-grade quality to any home, business or office they are used in. These powerful, long-lasting unit are ideal for everything from large families who frequently wash clothes to cruise ships powering through hundreds of rooms worth of laundry daily. Through a combination of heat-pump technology, honeycomb drums with perforated rear panels, cast-iron counterweights, a 3D sensor and more, these washers and dryers will handle loads faster for a much longer lifespan than their residential counterparts. On top of that, modular panels ensure service agents can efficiently diagnose and repair any issues with your Little Giants unit.

Long-Lasting, Top-Tier Performance for Any Environment

Miele Little Giants Environments

Little Giants washers and dryers have been tested to last for 30,000 usage hours. That’s three time longer than their residential counterparts. Additionally, their throughput is also higher, meaning they can handle large loads approximately 20 percent faster than residential units and with greater frequency. As a result, Little Giants Series washers and dryers can tackle multiple loads per day, multiple days per week. Sporting over 50 programs (including custom cycles) as well as 32 languages, your units can accommodate any material for people in any environment.

Hotels and Catering

Hotels and Catering: Brilliant white tablecloths, bouncy bath-robes and fluffy towels keep your guests feeling at home and returning for more.


Healthcare: Now more than ever hygienic cleaning for sheets, blankets, scrubs and gowns is imperative for patients and frontline workers.

Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes: Short, hygienic cycles make these units ideal for the daily demands of senior care. Fast and efficient quality for the most vulnerable among us.

Small Businesses

Small Businesses: Superior disinfection and fabric care for uniforms, tablecloths, napkins and everything else your staff, customers and your brand’s reputation needs.

At Home

At Home: High performance heater elements, intelligent water intake controls and short cycle times to provide your family with top-tier care for their garments, linens and fabrics.


Marine: Uphold your reputation with the best fabric care for families, guests and crew members every day of the journey.

Advanced Washer Technology

To handle constant use, Little Giants washers are equipped with only the highest-grade components and most efficient washing features. A stainless steel drum flange ensures your washer can spin heavy loads without shaking the unit to pieces. Assisting this flange are a 3D motion sensor which reduces the strain on the damping system and three recyclable cast-iron counterweights stabilizing the unit. Miele’s patented Honeycomb Drum has a perforated rear wall to enable faster wetting and drainage at the start and end of your spin cycle.

Little Giants Washer Drum

During a cycle, the EcoSpeed washing process begins at low speeds so the scoop ribs can take in large amounts of water to saturate your laundry. Once saturated, the speed gradually accelerates to the point where your items are pressed against the drum walls, thus maximizing cleaning performance and minimizing water usage. Low consumption values means frequent use won’t ramp up your water and energy bills.

Advanced Dryer Technology

Faster drying logically requires faster moisture removal, and that is made possible by the Little Giants dryer’s energy-saving heat pump system. First, moist air is pulled from the drum over the heat exchanger. Once in the system, it meets a cold surface where the moisture condenses. After the moisture is removed, the air meets a hot surface to reheat it. Finally, the heated, dry air is pulled back up to the back of the dryer drum. This process repeats when the recycled air collects moisture and once more passes through the dryer filters into the heat pump system.

Little Giants Dryer Lifestyle

The Miele PerfectDry system works in tandem with the heat pump system, sensing residual moisture to ensure perfect drying. It does this by measuring the conductivity of the water used for washing and adjusts the drying process according to these readings. That way, under or overdrying are avoided.

Modular Panels for Easy Maintenance

Modular Design

If your unit last on average three times longer than their residential counterparts, they may likely require a proportional increase in service calls. Fortunately, the Little Giants units’ construction might actually end up saving you money in repairs on average. From the M-Touch Flex color display, a Miele service technician can use the optical interface to quickly diagnose problems without disassembling your entire unit. In the event the technician does need to dive into the components to correct the issue, your washer or dryer is built with removable modular panels. The front, lid and rear panels can individually be removed to target the exact components that need to be repaired or replaced.


Over 90 years of experience in laundry care has allowed Miele to bring commercial-quality laundry care to your business, facility and even your home. Now more than ever, you, your staff, your customers and your family need the very best washing and drying technology to keep them comfortable and safe. Rely on the award-winning quality and engineering of Miele Little Giants to handle the load.