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Miele G7000 Series Dishwashers - Limitless Potential

Miele G7000 Series Dishwashers - Limitless Potential

The G7000 Series is the culmination of Miele’s efforts to transcend the limitations of appliance construction and bring you dishwashers with advanced washing capabilities, versatile load positioning and state of the art controls as diverse as your cleaning needs. FlexLine Baskets slide and fold to make room for all sizes and shapes of dinnerware while AutoDos with PowerDisk dispenses the exact amount of detergent your dishes need at your custom pre-scheduled times. These eco-friendly features work in tandem to maximize cleaning efficacy while minimizing energy and water consumption.

As technologies becomes more complex, we yearn for ways to simplify them, without sacrificing the exponentially improving benefits they bring to our everyday lives. True to their slogan, Miele is on the forefront of this transition with a host of smart features and loading configurations that transcend the limits of dishwashing, allowing you to focus on the things that make your life “ever better.”

A Limitless Look

Miele G7000 Appearance

G7000 dishwashers are as adaptable on the outside as there are on the inside. All of Miele’s stainless steel dishwashers are safeguarded by a premium Clean Touch Steel finish which is easily cleaned without the added burden of purchasing specialized cleaning agents. However, G7000 dishwasher selections are not constrained to a standard stainless steel exterior. Their panel ready design allows them to perfectly integrate into any kitchen setup, providing limitless possibilities for their appearance, and disappearance, into the layout of your dream kitchen.

Flexible Loading

Miele’s FlexLine baskets accommodate every orientation of dinnerware you can imagine. Starting from the top, the 3D MultiFlex tray surpasses what one would expect from an ordinary cutlery rack. This section is composed of a sunken central section framed by two adjustable side sections. The left section shifts to the right to accommodate tall wine glass stems sitting in the FlexCare Glasses Holder. The height-adjustable right section can be used for everything from utensils to small bowls and plates, each sitting securely on the pimpled FlexCare Cup Rack.

Miele G7000 FlexLine Racks

The lower FlexLine baskets are equipped with everything from silicone buffers for wine glasses to split hinged rows of spikes so every bowl can fit as needed. There is no limit to your unit’s tolerance when it comes to the constant adjustments it was built for. Models like the Miele G7916SCI come with a complimentary 5-year warranty, so you can have complete faith that your FlexLine baskets will remain durable despite countless daily uses.

Convenience and Control

Miele M Touch Display

From G7000 consoles and full integrated controls, you have access to an assortment of powerful dishwasher programs that exceed expectations. Every kind of dinnerware from fine china to sturdy pots and pans have specialized programs to provide maximum cleaning performance while conserving water and energy thanks to EcoPower Technology. For added savings, EcoFeedback programming displays the expected water and electricity consumption for your selected cycle. Some models such as the Miele G7966SCVI come with Miele’s exclusive M Touch Display which allows you to easily swipe or tap between your favorite settings and cycles. These intuitive controls allow you to expertly navigate between normal cycles and Miele exclusives such as the strong yet gentle IntenseZone and the 58-minute QuickIntenseWash cycle.

Miele G7000 ExtraQuiet Design

G7000 dishwashers also provide several features and amenities beyond what conventional units boast. Miele’s MultiLingua programming translates your display’s information into multiple languages so you can take advantage of your all your G7000’s functions without being limited by language barriers. Some models have as many as 24 different language selections. Knock2open construction opens your handleless dishwasher door with a knock, and a ComfortClose design allows the door to remain in whatever position you put it in, particularly useful for accessing fully integrated controls. Upon opening, a BrilliantLight LED system clearly illuminates every corner of your dishwasher tub for improved loading and unloading. Once your cycle is complete, an AutoOpen feature opens the door automatically to allow for air drying. All of this is done in relative silence thanks to Miele’s low-noise design, which includes an ExtraQuiet cycle that runs at 38 dBA.

Intuitive Cleaning That Surpasses the Ordinary

Conventional detergent loading is a thing of the past with the G7000 AutoDos system with Powerdisk Technology. AutoDos takes the tedium of judging proper detergent levels to use off your mind by automatically dispensing the right amount at the correct time based on your chosen program. A single PowerDisk will last an average of 20 cycles, relieving you of the task potentially for a couple of weeks.

Now that we’ve scratched the surface of the G7000 dishwasher’s potential, we can explore the assortment of smart features at its disposal. G7000 dishwashers are Wi-Fi compatible, and can be remotely accessed via the Miele@mobileapp. Your dishwasher is not limited solely to your moment to moment commands. MobileControl assists you in scheduling wash cycles to run automatically at your selected times and days with AutoStart. Once you’ve programmed a schedule that works for you, cleaning your dishes is as easy as loading your FlexLine Baskets and letting the appliance do the rest with AutoDos. No matter where you are, you will have total control and monitoring capabilities over your dishwasher via your smartphone or tablet.


The Miele G7000 Series of dishwashers is not built simply to surpass the limits of typical dinnerware cleansing. In doing so, it also liberates you from the constraints of conventional dishwashing at home, so you can go out into the world and live life beyond the ordinary.