Maytag Maxima Washers & Dryers with PowerWash
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Maytag Maxima Washers & Dryers with PowerWash

We here at Appliances Connection have better prices than our competitors and excellent customer support skills. We like to offer the best to our customers, which is why we carry industry leading brands like Maytag. For life's dirtiest days, Maytag's got your back and we'll help you get your washer and dryer set up and running without a hitch and without breaking the bank. Let's take a peek into the powerful features in Maytag's Maxima Series.


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Maytag makes doing your laundry as easy as selecting a few of their powerful and reliable options and letting American engineering do the rest. Maytag produces a powerful collection of washers and dryers in both the front load and top load options, but their new Maxima series is currently only available in the front load style. Select washers and dryers include commercial grade parts, so you can be sure you're getting a reliable and high quality appliance. These washers and dryers are quiet, efficient, and simple to ensure that you'll have industry leading results every time.


Maytag White Maxima Duo in 27" Washer and 27" Gas Dryer. Click to view listing.

The Maxima Washers' Notable Features

The Maytag Maxima Washer features the industry's best cleaning in its class, because of the PowerWash Cycle.

27" Width Front Loading Washer from the Maytag Maxima Series in White.

PowerWash combines high temperatures with increased agitation and a thorough rinse to deliver the best cleaning in the industry (tried and tested, its currently the best).

The washer also has an internal heater to help the detergent get through those tough stains faster and better than before and a Cold Wash Cycle with energy saving capabilities.

The washers also have a pressurized PowerSpray system that delivers detergent and water to every fiber of your load for an even deeper clean.


The PowerSpray element depicted from the 27" Maxima MHW8100DC Model in Metallic Slate. Click to view listing.

The Maxima XL and X washers feature durable and reliable commercial-grade parts like the pump impeller, corrosion-resistant springs and dampers, and the washer's Sanitize cycle kills 99.9% of household bacteria for a microscopic clean.


The Maytag Maxima Washers are Energy Star Certified and has eight wash cycles. You can have efficient without shelling out too much cash due to energy usage.

Furthermore, the Advanced Vibration Control contains all of the professional power in the appliance and keeps it from rattling. This makes it possible to install the front loading washer and dryer horizontally with a stacking kit. The washer uses up to 84% less water and 87% less energy than most washers, which allows it to meet the CEE Tier 35 Standards.


27" Maxima Front Load with a 4.5 cu. ft. capacity and numerous cycles and options for an efficient and reliable clean, every time.

Maytag washers not only get your clothes cleaner than any other washer in the industry, they keep them that way. The Fresh/Hold option circulates air in the washer right after the cycle ends to keep the clean load fresh. An internal fan circulates the air and pushes the air out through the dispenser handle, and the clothes are tumbled intermittently for up to twelve hours after the wash cycle ends. Another great cycle option on some of the Maxima models is the Allergen Cycle. It removes 95% of common allergens from fabric so you can rest easy, on your sheets and in your clothes.


The Optimal Dose Dispenser is one of the most convenient features in the machine and it will definitely make laundry day much easier to manage. Click to view listing of a model with this feature.

An excellent feature in the washers for additional peace of mind is the optimal dispense feature. The cartridge is built in and holds enough HE detergent for up to twelve washes. It dispenses the perfect amount of detergent each time based on load size and soil level so you can be sure you've put in the right amount.


The Maxima Dryers' Notable Features

We offer the Maxima Dryer models in both Gas and Electric energy.


Go ahead, put your Maytag Laundry system on a pedestal. With all those outstanding features, it deserves it. Click to view the listing for the Washer and Electric Dryer Duo set with pedestals.

All of the dryers feature commercial technology that's built to last. They include the Rapid Dry Cycle to get every last bit of moisture out of that game day jersey or favorite shirt (this cycle is only for smaller loads like these), and they come with a durable motor and a 5-rib belt that won't fail you for years to come. Moreover, they feature an easy water hook up for steam that doesn't require a reservoir. The dryers all come with a Y connector that delivers water straight to the dryer to added convenience.


The Maxima Gas Dryer in white with an incredible 7.4 cu. ft. capacity. More space, less laundry loads. Click to view listing.

Maytag Maxima Electric Dryer on a pedestal. The pedestal gives your washer and dryer a little height for added convenience and a more substantial but still cohesive) look. Click to view listing.

Some of the models have an extra dryer fin (others have a four baffle system, more on that later) to help clothes dry faster and more thoroughly.


The addition of a fourth dryer fin keeps even the smallest loads continuously tumbling to stay fresh for longer periods of time and be cleaner than ever before. Click to view a listing for a model with this feature.

Maytag recognizes that sometimes, it is difficult to keep smaller loads in constantly movement and the clothes can ride the drum. That's why they added a fourth dryer fin in their Maxima dryers to eliminate that problem. This takes care of that problem and keeps the clothes constantly moving. These models also have the Sanitize Cycle, which removes 99.9% of three of the most common household bacteria from your clothes, linens, and towels. They also have a Control Lock feature to compensate for the easier control panel access. To prevent any accidental button presses or purposeful presses from curious kids, Maytag has included a lock to keep the right cycle going.


Washers and dryers can be stacked to save space. Click to view the listing for the Maxima Electric Dryer and build your Maytag Laundry system with Appliance Connection today The Steam-Enhanced Dryer Cycle relaxes wrinkles and keeps clothes fresh in the MED6000AG model. This model also features four unique baffles that that improve the movement of clothes in the drum, particularly for smaller loads. The other two models address this through the addition of a fourth dryer fin--this is a similar feature. This model also has a Wrinkle Prevention Option with Steam that continues to tumble your clothes after the dryer cycle has ended to prevent wrinkles from developing. It has a 7.3 cu. ft. capacity so you can do your laundry less often.

Maytag is so confident in their products, that they offer a ten year limited parts warranty on many of their washer and dryer models. It covers the motor, basket and drum on the washer and dryer options. They're built to last and offer consistent, powerful service for many years to come.

Dryers can be loud, especially if you've got heavy buttons or metal on your clothes. The Stainless Steel drum with SoundGuard gives you a powerful and quiet clean due to sound dampening layers that keep even the clattering of big buttons and buckles down, and Advanced Vibration Control Plus gives you incredible power without threatening to topple your house. It also makes it possible to stack the front loading washers. This is available in the Heritage Maxima appliances.


The many different options and cycles on the Maytag Electric Dryer will help give you a more thorough dry on even your heaviest loads. Click to view listing.


We've created this handy chart with some of the top and front loading models that have this effective and innovative PowerWash Cycle feature:

Maytag Top Loaders with PowerWash

Maytag Front Loaders with PowerWash

MVWC215EW 28" Heritage Series Top Load Washer with 3.5 cu. ft. Capacity. MHW3505FW 27" Heritage Series Front Load Washer with 4.3 cu. ft. Capacity.
MVWB835DW 28" Bravos XL Series Top Load Washer with 5.3 cu. ft. Capacity. MHW8200FC 27" Heritage Series Front Load Washer with 4.5 cu. ft. Capacity.
MVWC415EW 28" Heritage Centennial Series Top Load Washer with 3.6 cu. ft. Capacity. MHW5500FC 27" Heritage Series Front Load Washer with 4.5 cu. ft. Capacity.
MVWB955FW30" Top Load Washer with 6.2 cu. ft. Capacity. MHW4300DW 27" Front Load Washer with 4.2 cu. ft. Capacity (White).
MVWX655DW 28" Bravos Series Top Load Washer with 4.3 cu. ft. Capacity. MHW5500FCPAIR2 Metallic Slate Front Load Laundry Pair.
MVWB855DW 28" Heritage Series Top Load Washer with 5.3 cu. ft. Capacity. MHW5500FWSTKPAIR2 White Front Load Laundry Pair with Stacking Kit.
MVWP475EW 28" Heritage Series Top Load Washer with 3.6 cu. ft. Capacity. MHW8200FCSTKPAIR1Metallic Slate Front Load Laundry Pair with Stacking Kit.
MVWB855DCPAIR2 Metallic Slate Top Load Laundry Pair.  
MVWB855DWPAIR2 White Top Load Laundry Pair.  


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