Life is Good for LG Washers

LG Life is Good

By April Khan, Appliances Connection

We all know the LG motto ?Life's Good,? and we?re inclined to agree! Life?s been treating LG pretty darn good this year. They?ve sold millions of smartphones, smart TVs, refrigerators, ranges and over 20 million washing machines in the past 5 years. According to LG executives, their washers are so popular that they sell one every 8 seconds. That?s phenomenal! So we thought we?d dedicate a blog to showcase why LG?s laundry appliances are washing out the competition - pun intended.

Monitor?Your?LG Washer Via Smart Phone

Yes! Its finally here! Today, LG has decided to expand its HomeChat services to almost every line of their smart enabled products, including LG washers. In 2015, you?ll no longer have to manually set your washer to cotton, wool or hand wash. All you?ll have to do is download the cycle to your app and let it run. According to today?s LG press release, people with HomeChat will be able to monitor their wash cycles, laundry progress and water temperature with their smart device from anywhere with WiFi connection. We?re really excited to see what goodies they?ll add on before launch!

LG Washers?Can Diagnose Errors

Ten years ago the thought of a talking washing machine would just be too far-fetched to grasp, but now they?re here, and pretty soon they?ll be commonplace. LG has a line of smart washers that not only allow remote control, but also diagnose themselves. Yes, you read that right. LG has recently launched a new smart function called Smart Diagnosis. Smart Diagnosis helps LG appliance owners diagnose problems with their LG appliance by simply opening the app and placing the phone?s mouthpiece near the power button on the appliance. Within just a few seconds, the app is able to fish out the problem by a special sound emitted from the Smart Diagnosis Washer. Saves you from calling in to customer service (unless prompted), which is an added bonus.

Series 2 and 3 - The BMW of Washers

Now your clothes can have a power shower! If you?re tired of your clothes coming out of the wash covered in stains, it?s time to upgrade to a Series 2 or 3 LG washer. These LG washers use TurboWasher, Jet Spray and Six Motion Direct Drive technologies to blast the dirt out of your clothes while still keeping them in tact. Perhaps the best thing about the new Series 2 and 3 LG washers is that they are beyond energy efficient. According to Trusted Reviews, they are 40 percent more efficient than a standard A*** rated washer since they wash your clothes in half the time. This also saves water, which homeowners will love.

Oh, and you want to know a secret?

Get closer to the screen - come on?

Okay, LGs new Series 2 and 3 washers are also steam enabled. Steam cleaning at home? Who could ask for more!

The exact details surrounding the release of these items is still under wraps, but they are due to hit the shelves (virtual shelves for us) sometime in 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement here.

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