LG vs Electrolux Washers – Which One is More Reliable?

LG vs Electrolux Washers - Which One is More Reliable
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When it comes to LG vs Electrolux washers, both venerable names have a claim to the throne. While Electrolux has been manufacturing washers for 7 years longer than LG has even been a company, LG has more than made up for the time difference with a history of innovation. In the war of the washers, who comes out looking fresher?


What’s the Same?

LG vs Electrolux Washers: LG WM3500CW Washer, LG WM3700HWA Washer, Electrolux EFLS527UIW Washer, Electrolux EFLS627UIW Washer

We’ll be comparing the WM3500CW (hereafter referred to as the LG 3500) and WM3700HWA (LG 3700) from LG with the EFLS527UIW  (Electrolux 527) and EFLS627UIW (Electrolux 627) from Electrolux. All four washers are 27 inches in width, stackable, and have a stainless steel inner drum. They all also have the same electrical specifications, running at 120 volts, 15 amps, and 60 Hz – making all of them ENERGY STAR® compliant.


Different Dimensions

Both LG washers are about an inch taller than Electrolux’s uniformly 38-inch tall washers, but also slightly shallower than the competition’s 32-inch depth. However, they both have a larger capacity – at 4.5 cu. ft. – than the Electrolux 527‘s 4.3 cu. ft, and 627‘s 4.4 cu. ft. capacities. Despite that, all four washers are capable of fitting king-sized sheets.

FeatureLG WM3500CWLG WM3700HWAElectrolux EFLS527UIWElectrolux EFLS627UIW
Wash Cycles101299
Steam CycleNoYesYesYes
Fastest Cycle>25 minutes >25 minutes 18 minutes15 minutes
Quality of Life FeaturesSmart Appliance Smart Appliance Improved Lighting & Reversible DoorImproved Lighting & Reversible Door
Proprietary Technology ColdWash & 6MotionColdWash & 6MotionStainTreat & LuxCareStainSoak, LuxCare & SmartBoost

Cycles and Settings

LG vs Electrolux Washers: Cycles and Settings - Control Panels

At first glance, the LG 3500’s 10 different wash cycles, and LG 3700’s 12 cycles have the 9-cycle Electrolux washers handily beat. But in this as in many things, quality beats quantity, and so the number of cycles matter less than how you plan to use the washers.

For example, the Electrolux 527 and 627’s fastest wash cycles are a brisk 18 and 15 minutes respectively, compared to the half-hour cycles of the LG washers. These are for smaller loads, of course, but would likely make the Electrolux washers more attractive to people who don’t wait until they’re almost out of clothes to do laundry. It’s also a factor for people who often deal with laundry emergencies, parents of small children, for instance.

In terms of proprietary wash technology, LG’s washers boast ColdWash, which claims to make up for the lack of heat with penetrating washing motions; and their related 6Motion technology that combines rolling, stepping, scrubbing, tumbling, filtering, and swinging for maximum performance.

Meanwhile, the Electrolux washers come equipped with Perfect Steam™ plus StainTreat™ in the 527, or StainSoak™ in the 627 for optimal stain removal. Both washers also include the LuxCare® Wash System for a more thorough clean through wash actions, temperature control, and smart load sensing. Both also include a dedicated activewear setting, and the 627 premixes water and detergent for greater efficiency using SmartBoost®.


Extra Features

Lg vs Electrolux Washers: LG Wi-Fi Connectivity and Electrolux Adaptive Dispenser

Past the main washing features, the difference between the LG and Electrolux washers come down to whether you prefer your machines smart or practical. Both LG washers are smart appliances, and compatible with Wi-Fi, Alexa, Google Assistant, and LG’s SmartThinQ app. The Electrolux washers have more quality-of-life enhancements including the laundry pod-compatible Adaptive Dispenser™, Luxury-Design® Lighting for higher in-washer visibility, and a reversible washer door to accommodate your space and handedness.


Final Thoughts

What determines the winner of the LG vs Electrolux washers ultimately comes down to your relationship with laundry as a chore. Considering their smart-features, the LG machines seem built more to cater to people who prefer to wait until they have a nice big pile of laundry to stick into their machine, and then want to push a button and leave it be. Meanwhile, the practical ease-of-use features and faster cycles position the Electrolux washers for those who take a more active part in making sure their wardrobe remains spic-and-span.


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