Introducing the LG Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice

LG Instaview Door-in-Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice
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Despite being a relatively young company in the home appliance space, LG has quickly made a name for itself with innovation after innovation that makes their appliances more convenient and feature-rich than most of the competition. That trend continues with the LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator with craft ice, which introduces two game-changing features to their refrigerator line-up.

The Instaview Window of the lg instaview door-in-door refrigerator with craft ice

The most obvious new addition is the InstaView™ window. With two quick knocks, the interior lights up to reveal the contents of your door bin without swinging the fridge door open. Besides convenience, opening the fridge less often reduces cold air loss, which keeps your food fresher, and eases the burden on the refrigerator’s compressor to make more cool air.

The window works with the Door-in-Door® design to turn a part of your refrigerator into a mini-vending machine. Door-in-Door turns your bins into a part of the fridge that can be accessed completely independently full interior. Keep it stocked with sodas and snacks for quick and easy access at any time, or load it up with party favorites so guests don’t cause the entire internal temperature to fluctuate.

The spherical craft ice of the lg instaview door-in-door refrigerator with craft ice

The other star feature of this LG refrigerator is the Dual Ice Maker with Craft Ice™. In addition to crushed and cube ice, this refrigerator also produces spherical craft ice. Its density and shape results in a ball of ice that melts slower than traditional cubes. This makes it the preferred ice for connoisseurs of single malt whiskys and Armagnac as the ice will chill without overly diluting the flavor. A slower melt also means a longer cool for any drink it’s floating in, from iced coffee to water.

And when nothing beats a nice cool glass of water, you can fill up to 32-ounce glasses with the push of a button on the Measured Fill door-mounted ice and water dispenser.

Additional features of the LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator with craft ice include a marriage of 3 of LG’s cooling technologies that keep all your food – fruits and vegetables included – fresher longer. Linear Cooling keeps temperatures within 1°F of the setting with LG’s patented inverted linear compressor. Smart Cooling Plus™ uses sensors and vents for total cooling control. Finally, Door Cooling+ uses dedicated fans to ensure that the entirety of the fridge is evenly cool. This includes the door, which is normally the warmest section of the refrigerator. Additionally, the CoolGuard™ stainless steel back panel helps maintain all that cold air while adding a premium look.

On top of all of that, this refrigerator is a Wi-Fi enabled smart device. Connecting through Smart ThinQ allows you to remotely control and monitor your fridge from your phone or other smart devices.

The two models and two colors of the lg instaview door-in-door refrigerator with craft ice

The LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator with craft ice is available as freestanding or counter depth. The former has a total capacity of 29.7 cu. ft. while the latter has a total capacity of 23.5 cu. ft. They come in a variety of steel finishes. All finishes feature LG’s PrintProof™ fingerprint and smudge resistance that easily wipes clean with a soft, dry cloth.

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What is a counter-depth refrigerator?

Counter-Depth refrigerators line up with counters and other carpentry in your kitchen for a clean, uniform silhouette. In this specific case, the counter-depth model is just under 5 inches shallower than the freestanding model.

Is this refrigerator compatible with digital assistants?

The LG Instaview Door-in-Door refrigerator with craft ice is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


  1. These are very spacious and crushed ice function is so state of the art. I am buying smart appliances for my my house hold adding smart split system and washing machine too. Keep on providing us with smart solutions.


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