Jenn-Air Rise and Noir Series ? Comparing High-End Designs

Jenn-Air Rise and Noir Series ? Comparing High-End Designs

In 1965, an act of rebellion changed the kitchen forever. When Lou Jenn invented the first self-ventilated downdraft hood, he eliminated the need for an overhead unit. This opened up the kitchen to new and exciting designs and served as the genesis of Jenn-Air?s trendsetting nature. The latest of their forward-thinking designs is their new series of high-end ranges. The Jenn-Air Rise and Noir series are functionally identical, but their styles diverge into two distinct aesthetics. Let?s take a look at the design elements that make these ranges unique, and then examine the many functions of this luxurious appliance.

Jenn-Air Rise Design Expression

Jenn-Air Rise Noir: JDRP648HL 48-Inch Dual Fuel Freestanding Range

The Jenn-Air Rise is characterized by its distinct professional aesthetic that would blend into the kitchen. The Rise design expression was forged in mixed metals, giving it a polished look that?s incredibly adaptable. It also features a diamond-etched handle and brushed brass knob collars that are both stylish and convenient. The Jenn-Air Rise has a bold badge and geometric grates that giving this range design a strong geometric symmetry.

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Jenn-Air Noir Design Expression

Jenn-Air Rise Noir: JDRP648HM 48-Inch Dual Fuel Freestanding Range

While the Jenn-Air Rise is above all professional in its look, the Noir was designed to evoke a more subtle luxury. The Jenn-Air Noir was sculpted in stainless steel for a sleek and elegant look. The structured grates, expansive black glass, and screened badge give it an understated quality that doesn?t demand attention so much as command it. The most defining feature of the Jenn-Air Noir?s design, however, is the hidden lace texture. Discoverable only by touch, the etched texture on the underside of the oven door handle gives you a revelation that this model is more than meets the eye.

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Functions of the Jenn-Air Rise and Noir 48-Inch Ranges

Jenn-Air Rise and Noir Cooktops

While the Jenn-Air Rise and Noir Series appeal to different aesthetic tastes, they both contain a multitude of features that are universally outstanding. This range series features a 48? dual-fuel professional range with three dual-stacked PowerBurners. The three PowerBurners run at respective heats of 20,000, 18,000, and 9,000 BTUs that are blistering enough to handle both high-powered cooking and gentle simmering. The cast iron grates are crafted to withstand the heaviest of cookware.

This range series has a 6.3 cu. ft. total oven capacity, featuring flat tine racks that transfer maximum heat to the cookware by delivering increased contact. They also glide in and out fluidly and quietly for added convenience. Use the Proofing mode to rise dough, or try the Warm setting so that you can serve the entire menu at once. The Convection setting automatically cooks by food type, or you can manually select convection modes by cooking method.

This range series combines function and style in a way unlike any other. The halogen lighting creates a cinematic look to dramatically showcase food in a picture-perfect way. The My Creations feature lets you personalize your oven settings for your own specific recipes. You can even take advantage of the Sabbath Mode to bypass the oven?s automatic shutoff when observing the Sabbath and other religious holidays. With remote access functions, you can preheat the oven and check your cooking status over Wi-Fi. Whether you go with the Jenn-Air Rise or the Jenn-Air Noir, you?ll be cooking with class.