Is 2015 Year of the Black Stainless Steel Appliances?


By April Khan, Appliances Connection If you're looking for something?bold and shiny for your kitchen, then 2015 is definitely your year!

We've already?seen an abundance of black stainless steel lines from major kitchen appliance manufacturers like?Kitchen Aid and LG. Even Samsung launched their own version of the seemingly indestructible black stainless steel.

Since they are all fairly new, we thought we'd take the time to let you in on some of the many benefits you can expect from these black stainless steel appliances.

Are black stainless steel appliances better than regular stainless steel appliances?

The answer is both yes and no.?The older stainless steel appliances are lacking some of the futuristic features and functions that the newer stainless steel appliances have. Black stainless steel appliances are new, so they share some of the same functions and features as the new stainless steel models. So, yes they are similar to the newer stainless steel appliances, but completely different from the stainless steel models.

Some benefits you can expect from a black stainless steel appliance are:
  • Door-in-Door technology
  • Easy Clean
  • True Steam (dishwashers)
  • Fingerprint resistance
  • Magnetic surface
  • Dual door range
  • French door refrigerator
  • 4 drawer refrigerator
  • Water wall technology (Dishwasher)
This is far from an exhaustive list, but these are some of the more popular features you can expect from the above listed manufacturers.

What is black stainless steel exactly?

Black stainless steel as it reads is a bit misleading since there is no such?thing as black stainless steel. The appliances are not actually black. They are created from stainless steel and then coated in black oxide. Black oxide (also known as blackening) not only darkens stainless steel, but it also offers a bit of added protection, which we'll cover in the section below.

When added to stainless steel, black oxide gives stainless steel a slightly darker shade, almost like a shadow. When added again and again, the appliance begins to take on a glass-like black appearance. This hue results from the stainless steel peaking?through the black oxide.

What are the benefits of choosing black stainless steel?

Aside from the benefits listed above, black stainless steel is really and truly stainless. Black oxide is added to ferrous materials and steel to offer protection against mild corrosives. This is why so many black stainless steel appliances offer smudge-proof coating as an included benefit. Believe it or not, your fingers actually produce oils and acids, which can smudge the surface and eat away at it in time -- even if they are clean! So, the blackening process is really necessary.

In addition, black oxide offers protection against mild abrasions. Old refrigerators were coated in paint, so it was only a matter of time before they were covered in chips and scratches. Luckily these refrigerators aren't painted black, but are instead oxidized. This means there's no chance of them chipping --- unless of course you begin hammering?away at it.

Which companies offer black stainless steel??

As I'm writing this, I know there are dozens of companies scrambling to get their appliances dipped in the glory that is black stainless steel. However, at the present time there are few that offer it. Each manufacturer offers their own shade of black stainless steel as well. Some look grey, some look silver and others are truly black. However they are all technically black stainless steel.

LG Diamond Collection


LG offers a black stainless collection called Diamond, that is essentially a very dark grey, but shockingly beautiful and almost glass-like. This collection contains a range, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. The refrigerator is a French-door model that contains 4- doors. This range offers two separate cooking cavities, each accessible by their own door. This allows you to cook two different dishes at two different temperatures simultaneously. The microwave in this range has a smoke vent that filters out extra smoke when mounted above your cooktop, and the interior boasts a 2.2. cu.ft capacity.

Kitchenaid Black Stainless Steel


Kitchenaid's ?black stainless steel collection IS?actually black. It is currently the darkest black stainless steel collection on the market. In this collection there is a French-door refrigerator with 3 drawers, a double-door range and a dishwasher. The oversized refrigerator contains a 5-door refrigerator with water and ice dispenser. The dishwasher has adjustable shelves and arms that push water through the entire cavity?at a high enough force to remove all grime, but at a low enough force to keep glasses and stemware snugly in place. ?The double-door oven, much like LG's, let's you cook two dishes simultaneously without compromising the quality of either. It also has convection -- so there's that! ?(I can see all the home chefs drooling now.)

Samsung Black Stainless Steel?


Samsung's black stainless steel collection is the newest of the bunch. This collection contains a range, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. The refrigerator has 5 doors, but one of them is hidden. That's right! This is actually a door within a door. This trick door allows you to store quick grab items for easier accessibility. The?range in this collection offers two cooking compartments, both of which are convection. The microwave in this collection contains a smart sensor which monitors food within it three times per second. The smart monitor prevents the food from over cooking by automatically adjusting the time and temperature. Back to the fridge, the black stainless steel refrigerator has a 4-door flex option that showcases your foods and allows you to store them in different sections and at different temperatures. The dishwasher contains an attractive feature called 'Waterwall' which sweeps a powerful stream of water over the dishes. This dishwasher also contains a control zone that targets stemware, pots and pans at different pressures.

What color should your kitchen be to really showcase black stainless steel?

Well, as it stands, sky's the limit here. You can pair black stainless steel with just about any kitchen color under the sun. I've seen it paired with everything from black cabinets and neon paint to natural browns and olive green. Depending on the shade, black stainless steel could virtually go with anything. Try it for yourself, don't take my word for it.

If you want a visual to help you decide on your purchase,?here's ?a neat little feature that Samsung offers on their website which lets you see how black stainless steel would look in your kitchen by changing the color of the cabinets and walls. (Click here for more information).
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