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Introducing the New Thermador 24-Inch Built-In Coffee Machine

Introducing the New Thermador 24-Inch Built-In Coffee Machine

The Future of Coffee Making

Coffee making has come a long way since the Turks first brewed java back in 575 AD. The first known percolator was created in 1818. Now, with the advent of Thermador's new TCM24PS 24-inch built-in coffee machine, from their Masterpiece Series, coffee making has again undergone another,dramatic incarnation.

TCM24PS 24-inch Built-In Coffee Machine

Your Personal Barista

Individualized in a way that's like having your own barista service, this model is able to brew 8 personalized beverages in 15 different cup sizes with dedicated names so users can pre-set their favorite drinks. Single shot expressos, extra large cappuccinos, and teas are a push of a button away. While it may not be able to draw leaves or hearts on your froth, sip for sip its brews can go toe to toe with coffeehouse varieties at a fraction of the cumulative cost. And you don't even have to wait in line!

The Jazz Musician of Coffee Makers

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Like jazz, this model can improvise to the tune of your sometimes unpredictable life. For days that require a jolt, Automatic Double Shot allows an extra shot of espresso in your beverage. In fact, there are 6 levels of coffee strength adjustment ranging from awake and functioning to bouncing off the walls. And like a jazz musician stopping and starting at the flick of a bandleader's finger, this machine automatically grinds coffee beans with its Ceramic Disk Grinding System immediately prior to brewing for the maximum freshness. This model plumbs directly into your home's water line so it dispenses filtered water on the spot as opposed to storing water inside the machine.

Leak Proof

The direct plumb for water and drain connection also comes with AquaStop Plus Protection which detects any leaks and immediately stops the flow of water, shutting off the unit and pumping out all the water in the machine. Now java on tap doesn't have to come with warped floorboards.

Works As Well As It Looks

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Aesthetically, the TCM24PS is a piece of art, fitting flush into your cabinets in both modern and more traditional kitchens adding sophistication and functionality. The unit has WiFi connectivity so your caffeine blast can be dialed from your smartphone - waiting for you as you exit the bedroom or enter the house. Sensors alert users when the bean container or coffee grounds need to be refilled or the drip tray emptied. Automatic cleaning uses steam to flush the interior of residue that can taint the flavor of your otherwise delicious hot beverages.

tcm24ps Built-In Coffee Machine
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