Since developing the first self-contained refrigerator in 1916, Frigidaire has been the stalwart and reasonably priced workhorse of the appliance industry. Its reputation for producing dependable kitchen and laundry machines is peerless. However, their reputation for introducing cutting-edge innovation has been relatively lacking after their pioneering work in refrigeration.

Recently, they’ve sought to throw off the mantle of being a follower rather than a leader. This is why they launched their Gallery Series to let their inventiveness shine. Some examples are the OrbitClean Wash System in their dishwashers which employs an extra spray arm to provide four times the water coverage than average for thoroughly clean dishes and Quick Preheat in their wall ovens that uses an initial burst of intense heat to get the interior up to the desired cooking temperature faster than competing ovens. Frigidaire Gallery continues this newfound trailblazing tradition with the introduction of their 36-inch freestanding counter depth 4 door french door refrigerator (FG4H2272UF).

Already ahead of the game, this refrigerator has a generous 21.8 cu ft total capacity with 13.4 cu ft in the refrigerator and 8.4 cu ft in the freezer drawers, some of the largest capacities found in a fridge in this price range. It puts this space to good use with the ingenious proprietary features below.

36-Inch Four Door French Door Refrigerator

36-Inch Four Door French Door Refrigerator

The new refrigerator brings all these exciting developments to the table while being Energy Star rated for maximum efficiency. If you take a complete look at Frigidaire’s newest appliance, you’ll find that they are making good on their ambition to be a brand that’s known for dependability and forward-thinking technological inspiration.

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