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Introducing Gaggenau Appliances at Appliances Connection

Introducing Gaggenau Appliances at Appliances Connection

Gaggenau is the latest German-engineered luxury brand to make its debut at Appliances Connection. Their suite of appliances draw inspiration from intricate design and hand-made craftsmanship techniques cultivated over a rich history spanning more than 300 years. Now focused on creating built-in appliances for modern, bespoke kitchens, their growth and reputation are testaments to the vision and skill of the forerunners who laid the design foundations of Gaggenau appliances today. Each unit is expertly crafted to integrate perfectly with one another to create a kitchen without compromise, whether you want a coffee machine aligned with your oven or a wine cooler next to your refrigerator.

Gaggenau Appliances

Built-in appliances are nothing new, so you may be wondering what sets Gaggenau appliances apart from other brands’ offerings. The difference in their design is composed of three pillars:

  1. Created by Hand – Gaggenau’s craftsmen build each appliance by hand, using touch and sight to seek out imperfections at every stage of production. Hundreds of processes are involved in assembly, demonstrating the care and attention devoted to each and every unit.
  2. Performance that Inspires – Gaggenau craftsmen work side by side with top-tier chefs to create professional equipment that is intuitive, enabling, focused and robust. That way, you can devote yourself to the dish instead of the complexities of your appliance’s functions.
  3. A Heritage Spanning Centuries – Over 330 years of innovation have refined Gaggenau’s design process down to a trio of sacred constants: the vision of the designer, the quality of the materials and the skill of the craftsperson.

Now let’s explore the wide range of Gaggenau appliances now available at Appliances Connection.

Gaggenau Refrigeration

Gaggenau Refrigeration

Gaggenau’s refrigerators and freezers are bastions of cooling technology that are available in both stainless steel and panel-ready surfaces. These units can be combined in various arrangements, creating a built-in modular landscape of easily accessible fresh and frozen foods. Additionally, their doors can be designed to accommodate your opening style, whether you want a sturdy handle to pull or a handleless door that can be opened with a gentle push.

Behind these doors is a professional-grade, minimalist, stainless steel interior with anthracite anodized aluminium elements. These elements make it corrosion and wear-resistant, aloiwing it to securely house clear, adjustable glass shelving with a near-invisible railing system. Warm white, glare-free LED lights discreetly and gently illuminate every individually adjustable climate zone.

Gaggenau Wine Coolers

Gaggenau’s wine coolers come with stunning glass doors framed in stainless steel or custom panels. Up to three independent climate zones controlled via an intuitive TFT touch display are available depending on your model selection. To present your wine collection in the most flattering light, glare-free LEDs grant you your pick of five different lighting scenarios. However, not all light is good light. That’s why the glass door is built with UV-resistant materials which shield your wine, preserve its quality and allow it to age naturally. Additional preservation features include a low-vibration motor and an activated charcoal filter.

Gaggenau Cooking

Gaggenau Cooktops

Gaggenau cooking appliances truly embody the spirit of “Performance that Inspires” and take food preparation to a whole new level. This is most evident in their Vario 400 Series cooktops, whose potential scale is their most striking feature. These cooktops seamlessly join your choice of gas, induction, electric grill and teppanyaki cooktops interspersed with downdraft ventilation hoods. Controlled by illuminated stainless steel knobs mounted on the vertical or lateral surface of your kitchen counter, these cooktops are a supreme display of cooking versatility and culinary ambitions. At your fingertips will be extreme power, intelligent flexibility and solid controls that will allow you to easily prepare several complex dishes all at once.

Gaggenau Range Hood

If you prefer a more traditional cooktop setup, Gaggenau produces a wide array of ventilation systems including downdraft, island, visor and wall-mount hoods. These ventilation units are built with highly efficient filters, dimmable lighting for ambiance, effective odor and vapor removal, sensors that adjust the power level according to the amount of vapor in the air and much more. In spite of the diverse, powerful functions these hoods carry out, they are extremely quiet, ensuring your focus remains on the multi-course meal you are preparing.

Gaggenau Wall Cooking Units

For even more modular cooking options beyond the countertop, Gaggenau offers plenty of single wall ovens, double wall ovens steam ovens, speed ovens and microwaves between their 400 Series and 200 Series. Your combined wall units are all controlled via distinctive stainless steel rotary knobs that provide intuitive control to the user. Each oven type harnesses the power of True European Convection, utilizing a third heating element behind the fan, to produce all-around consistent baking results every time. Multi-layered glass fronts provide a clear view of your foods mid-bake while remaining cool to the touch to ensure your safety. For convenient storage options before and after cooking, add a vacuum drawer and warming drawer to your wall cooking suite.

Gaggenau EB 333 Oven

For those who seek a truly avante-garde oven design, Gaggenau recently revised their iconic EB 333 oven for their 333rd anniversary. These units’ imposing design, unfailing performance and signature blue enamel interior infuse them with something soul-like while preserving all the elements of a classic. A single sheet of 3 mm. stainless steel forms the 44-lb. door panel which soft closes with deceptive ease. On top of that, they come with the latest cooking technology to ensure these units are always ahead of their time, such as Gaggenau’s stainless steel rotary knobs and TFT touch display.

Gaggenau Espresso Machines

Last but certainly not least is Gaggenau’s line of impressive coffee machines. These fully automatic units can instantly create your guests’ favorite customized beverages with minimal effort. Select Gaggenau appliances can save up to eight of your personalized configurations, so you can have your favorite drinks prepared instantly before heading off to work. A fixed water connection guarantees you no longer need to refill water tanks. An additional perk of this construction is that the cleaning program can run uninterrupted since you do not need to empty a water tray.

Gaggenau Dishwashing

Gaggenau Dishwashers

After a lengthy session of cooking several dishes on your Vario cooktop, the last thing you want is to have to continue standing over a sink washing dishes. That is why you need a fast, powerful, efficient Gaggenau dishwasher to take care of after-dinner cleanup while treating your delicate crockery the way it deserves. These panel-ready, Energy Star certified units blend into your surrounding cabinetry, possessing handle-free push-to-open doors when you are ready to load them up. High-end brands with fully integrated dishwashers often provide an indicator light to alert you when a cycle is done, but Gaggenau takes monitoring your dishes to another level. Your Gaggenau dishwasher projects the remaining cycle time onto the floor so you can time your chores around its functions.

Gaggenau Dishwasher

Smooth running rails enable easy loading and unloading of all your dinnerware before and after each cycle. Aiding you while inspecting the results is the 400 Series dishwasher’s diffused backlighting, which softly illuminates the racks’ contents and highlights their sparkle. Select dishwashers have interiors made with Zeolite, an eco-friendly mineral that absorbs moisture as it releases heat. As a result, you can dry a full load faster than the average dishwasher. If that is still not fast enough for you, these units also come with an Extra Dry option for astonishingly quick turnaround no matter which powerful cycle you choose. You would think that technical requirements for such units would make them real noisemakers, but that is not the case. Every unit operates under 45 dBA, which is essentially the same noise level as a quiet conversation.

Gaggenau Smart Features

Gaggenau Home Connect

While the suite of Gaggenau appliances is extremely diverse, they all have one thing in common: they are all smart appliances. Each unit in your kitchen can be operated and monitored remotely via the Gaggenau Home Connect application for your smartphone or other smart device. Home Connect allows you to:

  • Remotely control and monitor your compatible devices. Additionally, technicians can remotely diagnose issues with your appliance.
  • Purchase accessories via Gaggenau’s eShop, download user manuals and utilize their partnering network.
  • Integrate Home Connect with compatible home management systems such as Amazon Alexa.