When people think of luxury kitchens, many think first of Sub-Zero and Wolf. The imposing refrigerator columns and the professional-style cooking appliances with signature red control knobs are the stuff of dreams for gastronomes with refined tastes. These same people also think, “Wither the dishwasher of the same caliber?” Well, they don’t think those words exactly. I’m just a pompous jackass. To the point, though, Sub-Zero and Wolf heard the call and are introducing Cove dishwashers to complete their top-tier kitchen packages.

Introducing Cove Dishwashers: What’s Inside

Introducing Cove Dishwashers

Although I refer to “dishwashers” plural, each iteration has the heart and soul of one model, DW2450. [Side note: Model number DW2450WS  is available with the same features but with a built-in water softener for those who depend on well water.] But it’s a damned impressive model. Lesser brands list capacity in terms of how many place settings can be held at once. With this Cove dishwasher, though, the three drying racks are so adaptable it’s almost impossible to indicate a definite amount of place settings it can handle.

All three racks are adjustable to accommodate standard tableware as well as larger items such as pots, pans, and casserole dishes. The top rack is a cutlery tray that has space to hold enough silverware for a banquet. The bottom tray has adjustable tines that can be converted into stemware holders able to securely clasp 24 wine glasses.

Introducing Cove Dishwashers

All this is housed in sleek stainless steel interior walls with no creases or screws. This helps to repel dirt. It also just looks stunning, especially when illuminated by the bright LED. There are three wash arms with multiple water jets per arm. This means the dishwasher is capable of 20% more water distribution than the competition for a thorough cleaning. Not only that, the cutlery tray has a dedicated full-width wash arm. You won’t ever again need to dig stubborn food particles out of the middle of fork tines after a cycle.

Introducing Cove Dishwashers: What It Does

Speaking of cycles, which of course if the most important feature in a dishwasher, this Cove dishwasher has 12 of them pre-set. But these settings are merely a specific combination of the following six cycle options:

  • Delay Start – Delays the start of a wash cycle by between 1 – 12 hours in 1-hour increments.
  • High Temp Wash – Increases the main wash water temperature and extends the cycle time by 10 minutes.
  • Sani Rinse – Increases the water temperature and extends the rinse time, sanitizing tableware well enough to meet NSF/ANSI (an independent North American agency that monitors water cleanliness) standards.
  • Extended Dry – Extends the dry time by 30 minutes.
  • Extra Dry – Increases the rinse water temperature and extends the dry time by 30 minutes.
  • Top racks only – Directs wash functions to exclusively focus on the upper and middle racks.

The factory pre-sets use these in a specific order for various cycles. Cycles such as Soak & Scrub, which eliminates the need to pre-wash even baking pans with cooked-in pate de campagne (Why the hell even have a dishwasher?), Plastics to sanitize and completely dry baby bottles and Tupperware, and China/Crystal which will leave even the most delicate champagne flutes sparkling with no damage. Additionally, these pre-set cycles are so efficient, none of them require more than two tablespoons of detergent or 7.6 gallons of water. What’s really brilliant about this machine, though, is that the aforementioned cycle options can be programmed to suit virtually any dishwashing need.

Since the Cove dishwasher is fully integrated, it’s controlled intuitively by a bank of buttons discreetly located at the top of the door. The entirety of the dishwasher is so well engineered any sound it emits is no louder than 42dBs, even quieter than a standard bird call. With the hidden display, you might think knowing whether it’s running when closed is a guessing game. Cove’s thought of this. On the bottom right of the dishwasher door is a red LED that shines a beam on the floor when the appliance is doing its thing.

Introducing Cove Dishwashers: Aesthetic Customization

Introducing Cove Dishwashers

You’re able to make this Cove dishwasher truly yours because it’s panel ready. The manufacturer does sell a stainless steel panel separately and that look is perfectly acceptable. However, in recent years, most of the upper echelon brands have been offering appliances that can accept custom panels. Cove has followed suit. Thus, you’re able to garb your dishwasher in a façade to match your Sub-Zero fridge and your existing cabinetry, allowing it to blend into any kitchen design.


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