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Introducing Bosch Black Stainless Steel Slide-In Ranges

Introducing Bosch Black Stainless Steel Slide-In Ranges

Bosch Black Stainless Steel Slide-In Ranges continue to demonstrate the virtues of German engineering, boasting a sleek modern aesthetic, superior power, and feature-rich capabilities that take your kitchen to a higher level. But despite sharing a 30-inch width and 29-inch depth, and a striking black stainless steel color, this series of ranges are not one-size-fits-all, and the right one for you depends on your budget and preferences.


Bosch HEI8046U 800 Series 30-Inch Electric Range

bosch HEI8046U 800 Series 30-Inch black stainless steel slide-in range

The most affordable configuration is this 5-element electric cooktop with a 4.6 cu. ft. capacity oven. It features three 6-inch and two 9- elements that range from 100W to 3200W allowing you to keep things at a simmer, or sear a juicy steak to perfection. The stove-top is operated by four heavy-duty metal knobs that feel professional and precise.

Meanwhile, the oven is controlled with a touch pad for more intuitive use, and reaches 3800W. It features genuine European convection for even baking results, faster preheat so you can get to eating faster, and an extra large door window to keep an eye on your progress. The oven is also Star K. Sabbath Mode can be turned on for a maximum of 74 hours. Displays and lights will be de-activated when it is on. Also, the oven can be held from 100 - 200 degrees F for up to 24 hours or from 201 - 550 degrees for up to 12 hours. And a self-cleaning mode reduces tidying up to simply wiping with a sponge.


Bosch HII8046U 800 Series 30-Inch Induction Convection Range

bosch HII8046U 800 Series 30-Inch Induction Electric Convection  black stainless steel slide-in range

Upgrading to this model of range means boosting the power so your stove elements top out at 3700W, and SpeedBoost? boils water twice as fast as conventional electric ranges. Induction technology also makes this range safer, as the cooktop remains cool to the touch, using electromagnetic waves to turn your cookware into the cooking surface. The SafeStart feature ensures that the induction is activated only by cookware, and not other metal objects on the cooktop.

This model also trades in the cooktop?s knobs for a fully digital control scheme, including PreciseSelect? with 17 settings for direct cooking, and AutoChef for continuous temperature regulation. This model adds a temperature probe in the oven to take the guesswork out of cooking meats, but otherwise, the features are identical to the previously discussed traditional electric range.


Bosch HGI8046UC 800 Series 30-Inch Gas Convection Range

Bosch HGI8046UC 800 Series 30-Inch Gas Convection black stainless steel slide-in Range

If you prefer a traditional natural gas range, Bosch has you covered with this Gas Convection Range. This model is 1.5? taller than its electric brethren and has .2 cu. ft. more room in its oven. It also features 5 burners, with the most powerful center element reaching 18,000 BTUs for your favorite saut?s. The cooktop also returns to heavy-duty knobs for operation, with a touchpad for the oven.


With their Black Stainless Steel Slide-In Ranges, Bosch has the premium cooktop and oven you?re looking for, regardless of price range.

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