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ILVE Nostalgie: The Italian Range You've Been Looking For

ILVE Nostalgie: The Italian Range You've Been Looking For
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In 1969, there were two Italian friends living in Venice with an entrepreneurial spirit and a love of haute cuisine. They set out to share their passion with the world. As a result, ILVE was formed, and the company carved out a niche as a respected manufacturer of handcrafted ranges. With ILVE ranges, you get the luxury and quality of Italian design and engineering. Let's examine how ILVE's range designs have evolved over the years, and then take a look specifically at ILVE UPN120FDMPIX from their Nostalgie Series. See the complete line of ILVE ranges, click here.

ILVE Through the Year



ILVE Through The Years







When Eugenio Illotti and Evelino Berno first began manufacturing, they used their skills to develop commercial-quality cookers for local restaurants. Soon after, the professional chefs wanted these ranges in their homes. Thus, did ILVE enter the residential market. Observing the direction in taste for domestic ranges, they launched a line of country style ovens. This rustic aesthetic has persevered through the decades and serves as the essence of their Nostalgie series today. As ILVE gained prominence, they began selling throughout Oceania and East Asia in the 1980s, establishing a foothold on the international stage. Now, they've set their sights on North America.


ILVE UPN120FDMPIX 48-Inch Dual Fuel Freestanding Range

UPN120FDMPIX Appearance



ILVE Nostalgie Italian Range







This particular ILVE unit can seamlessly blend into most kitchens thanks to its stainless steel finish. This is nicely complemented by the range's knobs and handles clad in lustrous chrome. Just under the cooktop handle's leftmost side is a multi-function programmable clock and timer. Moving lower, each double oven door has embedded insulating triple-pane glass that you can easily remove and clean. At its base, tubular legs complete this range's modern look.

ILVE Controls

ILVE Nostalgie Italian Range Selector

One of the principal features of this range is its set of retro-style knobs. Behind their classic façade, however, is a host of contemporary functions. Simply push the knobs for instant electronic ignition of each burner. The oven is controlled with an Easy-To-Use Selector Knob setting nine varied convection functions pictured on its ring. Whether you're baking a pie with Pizza Mode, thawing meat with the Defrost Function, or cooking in a hurry with Quick Start, theres a program to accommodate every kind of culinary technique.

UPN120FDMPIX Natural Gas Cooktop









Topping off this dual fuel model are seven high-efficiency sealed burners ranging in power from 7,000 to 15,500 BTUs. Each comes equipped with a flame failure safety device to prevent gas leaks that might cause a fire hazard. When cleaning, the enameled burner covers can be removed so you won't struggle trying to wipe down narrow crevices. Framing these burners are sturdy, continuous grates that enable you to slide pots and pans across the cooktop with ease.

The most powerful among this ILVE's burners is a Dual Triple Ring Burner. With a single knob, you can control an inner burner independently of the outer burner. As a result, you can switch from 1,260 BTUs to lightly simmer diced vegetables all the way to 15,500 BTUs for boiling a chicken carcass or beef bones to make stock. Additionally, this cooktop boasts a 10,500 BTU Integrated Griddle that's perfect for preparing omelets, griddle cakes, potato hash, and much more. When not in use, the griddle cover can be removed, revealing an oval burner that will fit, among other things, a roasting pan to boil down drippings and make gravy.

UPN120FDMPIX Dual Electric Oven

ILVE Nostalgie Italian Range Ovens

This ILVE model sports a dual convection oven design, splitting the total oven capacity into a spacious 3.55 cu. ft. section and a compact 1.45 cu. ft. section, each with individual selector knobs. This design is especially convenient for simultaneously cooking foods requiring different heat settings. While using the Convection Grilling Mode to rotisserie cook a succulent chicken in the larger oven, you can bake a pan of sweet cornbread in the smaller oven with Conventional Bake Mode. If your oven's contents need more time than the others, store the finished items in the full width bottom warming drawer. This drawer slides easily using ball bearing glides and stores food in temperatures ranging from 125 to 200 degrees F. Drawing heat from the oven, it uses no additional electricity, saving you money on your energy bills.

If you need a range that blends old-world aesthetics with modern technological innovations, this ILVE model will surely exceed expectations. Whatever type of Italian range you're looking for, ILVE has endless options for you to survey until you're satisfied.

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