I Furnished My Laundry Room?Now What?

The perfect laundry room will save you time and energy, whether you live in an apartment or a brand new home. However, many laundry rooms end up being cramped in the basement and/or the catchall for shoes, jackets, backpacks, and more. With advancements in washer and dryers, there?s no reason to hide your laundry room anymore.

With a few simple appliances easy to find online or around your house, you can de-clutter, reorganize, and brighten up your laundry space without breaking the bank.


Drying Bar

Unlike a drying rack, a simple drying bar makes the perfect space to hang shirts to dry or a spot to hold a shirt while pressing.

Task Lighting

When natural light is not an option, brighten your laundry room with an overhead lighting fixture or illuminate your work areas with some task lighting under a shelf.

Utility Sink

A utility sink can function both as a hand-washing station and a tub to soak the worst of your kid?s sport jerseys. Find some great options here.



The laundry room tends to be the point of no return for extra towels and cleaning supplies, so keep a good number of bins on hand to ensure your closet stays organized.


Save time by creating a system to presort clothes. Label each hamper for whites, lights, and darks, and maybe even your kids will wash a load. See a wide selection here.

Ironing Center

Never lose your ironing or ironing board with an ironing center. With features such as cord wraps, swivel boards, and spotlights, it will keep all your ironing supplies in one place. Additionally, shelving space can be used to organize additional clothes accessories, like lint brushes and clothespins. You can find many options here.

Laundry Pedestal

If you are low on storage or need to elevate your washer and dryer, a sturdy laundry pedestal is the perfect addition for extra space and storage for detergents, fabric softeners, and other laundry aids. You can see some great examples here.

Pet Area

Do you own a cat or dog? Their beds and food and water bowls can take up a lot of room in your house; creating a pet area in your laundry room is a great way to free up space. Just make sure you don?t place the area where people walk.

Do you have any great additions to organize your laundry room? Have photos of the perfect laundry room online? Let us know in the comments section below!
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