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How to Make a Perfect Burger Patty

How to Make a Perfect Burger Patty

Burgers are one of the most common foods cooked on the grill outdoors, or in other environments. But although it's a common food, to have that perfect that burger, you can't just throw a random piece of ground beef on a grill. Burger patties are a craft, and it's not only about how they look but how they are molded. We'll go over the fundamentals for how to make the perfect burger patties, so your burger can look and taste better.

Choose The Right Ground Beef: There are different blends of ground beef offered in stores, with the most common blends being 80/20 percent and 90/10 percent. The percentage represents the meat and fat ratio. So a 80/20 percent blend will have 80% meat and 20% fat, while a 90/10 percent blend will have 90% meat and 10% fat. For a more flavorful and juicy burger, the 80/20 blend will be more suitable, while the 90/10 if you prefer more of a leaner burger.

Form The Patties: Place your preferred type of ground beef in a bowl and mix it together with seasoning of your choice. Just don't mix the beef too much or the meat will become more tougher. After you're done mixing, shape the ground beef into equal-sized balls. Dampening your hands with water before forming the balls can help your hands be less sticky. When you have your balls formed, flatten them down making sure that the edges are slightly thinner than the center. Using your thumb, put an indentation in the center of every patty, which helps prevent the center from swelling and making your burgers uneven. Now you're burger patties are well prepared to be put on the grill.

Hamburger Presses


If you want to use your hands less, food preparation appliances such as hamburger presses, will mold your ground beef into a hamburger shape for you. Simply place an even-sized ball of ground beef onto the bottom side of the press, and apply pressure downwards to your desired thickness. You can place wax paper down onto the press before using the hamburger press, so that the meat doesn't stick to the press. Whether you decide to use your hands or a press, you can now make the perfect burger patties.


How do you make burgers juicy?

Restoring lost moisture is an excellent way of making your burgers juicy. Add about 2 to 3 tablespoons of ice-cold water for every pound of ground beef and mix it well to increase the juiciness of your grilled burgers.

How do you make super thin burgers?

Start by rolling each piece of meat however wide you like, we recommend 5 to 6-inch patties, and about 1/3-inch thick using a flattening tool like a rolling pin. Heat up a griddle or cast-iron skillets with medium-high heat. Season and then cook the patties for about 3 minutes, pressing with a spatula.