How to Find the Best Deals Online?

It?s no question that the best discounts and convenience can be found online, especially with small appliances. The question is how much work you need to put to find the best deal.

Save by Shopping Smart

Appliances can have many hidden costs, especially when it comes to delivery fees. Delivery of some major appliances, like refrigerators, freezers, and oven, can cost as much as the actual product. If an appliance store is local, order online and pick up at the store for an instant discount off the shipping price.

Don?t Miss That Promo

Doesn?t it always seem like you find out about a promo or discount right after it ends? Sign up for e-mail alerts to ensure you don?t miss any offers from retailers and appliance manufacturers. Additionally, it doesn?t hurt to read the weekly circulars in your local newspaper, which can be difficult to locate online.

Manufacturer?s ?deals?

While manufactures do not sell directly to consumers, most of them will offer mail-in rebates and other manufacturer events (see some offers here). However, the golden rule in shopping is the more you buy, the more you?ll save. You?ll receive the best discounts when you purchase a suite of appliances.

Research the Best Price

If you know what you want, but don?t need the appliance immediately, patience can pay off. For example, spring is typically the season when retailers make room for next year?s models, so likely you?ll be able to locate a discount or negotiate a better price. As Benjamin Franklin once said, ?Necessity never made a good bargain.?

Best Time to Shop

A great time to shop for an appliance is near the end of the month, when salespeople are striving to reach their quotas. Weekdays will always be the better time to find the best deal on appliances -? and a great way to miss the weekend rush.

Online is Still the Best

No matter how many circulars you scan or how many sales employees you negotiate with, the best discounts are online. Whether it?s finding discount codes or cash back on your purchase, you should need feel the need to pay full price for any appliances.

When was the last time you bought a new appliance? Did you buy it online or in-store? Tell us below!
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