Which Type of Bed Frame Should You Choose?
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Which Type of Bed Frame Should You Choose?

There are a variety of types of bed frames on today's market, and it can be hard to choose between mattress bed frames. But the quality of your sleep should be a priority in your life, and it isn't just your choice of mattress that's important. In fact, your bed frame is at least as important to your sleep as your mattress is. According to the Sleep Foundation, adults between ages 18 and 64 need at least eight hours of sleep per night, with adults over 65 needing seven to eight hours, but 35.2 percent of all Americans don't get that much sleep, and more than half of the people who responded to their survey report feeling drowsy during the course of most days. Therefore, you shouldn't just think about your style and storage options when selecting a bed frame, but think about the bed frame's contribution to your sleep as well.

Whether you choose a wooden bed frame, a floating bed frame, a metal bed frame, a king bed frame, queen bed frame, or something else entirely, you should be aware of your options before you make your final decision. The experts at Appliances Connection have compiled this list of the types of bed frames available so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to buy a new bed.


Platform Bed Frame

Platform beds are the most common type of bed frame on the market today. These beds create a very firm sleeping surface, making them a great choice for people with bad backs, and because they sit closely to the ground, they are accessible to nearly anybody. In addition, many platform beds do not need box springs, further reducing the amount of maintenance you need to do on your bed.


Metal Bed Frame

You can find bed frames made of a variety of metals. Metal bed frames are sturdy and durable, lasting their owners for years or even generations. They wipe clean easily: all you need to clean a metal bed frame is a damp cloth. A metal bed frame is also low-maintenance, requiring very little upkeep over the years you'll have it. As a bonus, these are often the least expensive bed frames to choose from.


Poster Bed Frame

As their name suggests, four-poster beds have a post coming up from each of their corners. This gives you a classic appearance without sacrificing comfort. In the summer, you can even drape mosquito netting over the posts, which can really help you out if you live in an area that hosts a lot of mosquitoes and other insects.


Canopy Bed Frame

Canopy beds come with a frame above the bed that can be used to hang curtains above and around the mattress. This can help keep you warm in the winter, as there's less air flow in the enclosed area. If you place fans carefully, you can also use a canopy bed to keep cool in the summer. They are also great for people who work odd shifts, as they can be used to help keep the bed space dark. A canopy bed also maximizes your privacy, which is useful if you have small children.


Sleigh Bed Frame

A sleigh bed has a curved or scrolled headboard, as well as a matching footboard. This makes it resemble a sleigh, giving the bed style its name. These are sturdy, long-lasting beds that are usually made out of wood or similar materials. A sleigh bed's curved shape makes it a great option for people who like to sit up in bed for reading or watching television.


Bunk Bed Frame

Most commonly seen in children's rooms, bunk beds place one mattress above the other. This lets you put two beds in the footprint of one. These are particularly useful in small apartments, where every square foot counts.


Ottoman Bed Frame

An ottoman bed is useful for people who want a spare bed that saves space in their home. These beds fold up into ottomans, allowing for ample seating or storage, and they have a more compact profile than under-bed drawers or divan beds. This makes them great for apartment and condo dwellers who frequently have guests over.


Adjustable Bed Frame

As their name suggests, adjustable beds can be adjusted into a seated position. Most of the time, an adjustable bed is connected to a remote control, so you'll need a good electrical connection in your bedroom. These beds can be a life-changer for people with disabilities, as well as those who have bad backs and need to sleep at a certain angle. You can even buy adjustable beds where both sides adjust separately, allowing one person to sit while the other sleeps.


Trundle Bed Frame

Trundle beds hide a whole second mattress under the bed, allowing it to slide out from storage when needed. The frame this spare bed sits on is on wheels, allowing it to roll out easily. While this does sacrifice under-bed storage, a trundle bed is a great idea if you have frequent overnight guests or if your children have slumber parties.


Wrought-Iron Bed Frame

A wrought-iron bed is a great statement piece for any bedroom. With its long-lasting materials and looks that suit many areas of design, it's hard to go wrong with one. In addition, a wrought-iron bed frame is highly suited to handle larger mattresses, so you should consider a wrought-iron bed frame if you have a California King bed.


Storage Bed Frame

Storage beds come with drawers or other storage elements below the mattress. These tend to sit slightly higher than many other bed frames, making them not ideal for people who have mobility problems, but if you live in a small space and need convenient storage, you should definitely have a storage bed on your list.


Wooden Bed Frame

A wooden bed is a great option for many homes. In general, wood bed frames are made from hard woods such as oak, cherry, mahogany, and walnut, meaning that if a lot of your decor consists of these woods, you should select one that matches it. Many of the bed styles listed in this post are available in wood, making it a versatile option. More than that, wooden bed frames are easy to break down and transport, allowing them to withstand numerous moves.


Upholstered Bed Frame

Upholstered beds are among the softest beds on this list. They have a headboard made of soft fabric and padding, making these a great option if you like to sit up in bed to read or watch television. Upholstered beds keep pillows in place more easily and create a warmer space for sleeping.

Related Questions

Do you have to use a box spring with a bed frame?

Many bed frames require the use of a box spring. Other types of bed, such as platform beds, may be able to do without one. Do note that placing your mattress directly on the bed frame may cause the mattress to sag and even void its warranty, so it's often a good idea to have a box spring, however.

Does a bed frame make a bed more comfortable?

Selecting the right bed frame for your needs reduces the amount of noise and vibration created by your mattress. A good bed frame also prevents your mattress from sliding around on top of your bed.

What does a bed frame do for a bed?

In addition to allowing air to circulate through your mattress, a bed frame helps keep insects and dirt out of your mattress. It's also generally easier to get into a bed that is on the right size of bed frame for you.