It’s all about the numbers. That’s why experienced house flippers plan their renovations meticulously. Floors, cabinets, countertops. They have their go-to guys – local vendors who undercut the big box chain home improvement stores. However, when it comes to buying appliances there’s often a blind spot. The big box chains appear to have a monopoly. Online shopping at Appliances Connection could shave zeroes off their expenses.

It’s understandable why flippers go to big-box chain stores to buy ranges, refrigerators, and dishwashers.  They can look at the floor models, talk to a sales consultant and arrange to have it shipped to their property. There’s also a sense of comfort in doing business in this “traditional” way. But it’s a facade. Here’s why.

Firstly, physical stores pay huge costs for their real estate, utilities, employees, advertising etc. That cost is passed on to the unsuspecting customer. Secondly, showroom floors only have space to show a fraction of the appliances out there. Popular mid-level brands such as GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, LG, and Samsung are usually all that are represented, but not all the models and certainly not more premium brands. Flippers are acutely aware that kitchens sell homes. They’ll splash out on stylish tiles and counter-tops, often going to warehouse auctions to get the best deals. However, they seem to feel limited in their choices when it comes to pricing appliances.

Box chain stores do not sell higher-end appliances such as Miele wall ovens, shown here

Higher-end properties (which can vary from state to state) demand luxury appliances from brands such as La Cornue, Fulgor Milano, and Wolf/Sub-Zero which the box stores don’t sell. Flip a house and fail to include the right appliances and a property will sit on the market. And all properties, including the mid-range ones, expect uniform appliance packages which Appliances Connection can deliver at a significantly less expensive price than the physical stores.

For those hesitant to push a button and commit to spending $1000s, online purchasing at Appliances Connection isn’t a shot in the dark. Close up images, lifestyle photos, videos, and detailed spec sheets take the guesswork out of buying. And the upside is incredible. Prices are, in some cases 35 percent less than in physical stores, meaning buyers get upgraded appliances for the same prices as lower end models.

Appliances Connection warehouse in New Jersey

Another concern for many flippers is delivery. Ordering online may seem like a vague process. They prefer to have someone look them in the eye and tell them it will be delivered by a certain date. What buyers don’t realize is that the box stores must put in the order immediately after the purchase is made, and ship from their warehouse which can take 1-4 weeks depending on where they are in the country. If the timing isn’t right it could completely throw off the renovation and delay an open house. If the appliances arrive too early they need to be safely stored on the job site in the midst of tradespeople while the renovation is in full swing. Wouldn’t it be great if flippers were able to purchase appliances and have the vendor store them in their warehouse and ship them exactly at the time they were needed – the same day or next day delivery in the tri-state area? Appliances Connection offers that service. They can also hold an item for up to 30 days after purchase so you can time the delivery perfectly.

Many flippers rely on using their pro store credit card to buy appliances and then pay it off when the house sells. Appliances Connection has that option as well with its own credit card conveying special benefits to its users.

Appliances Connection customer service and sales floor

Big box stores offer one-size-fits-all shopping experience. Purchasing from them is sort of like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet and expecting to get Michelin-rated food. On the floor, their salespeople are dealing with numerous customers. If you can find one who can offer you 5 minutes of their time, you’re doing well. If you call their customer service department after you’ve made the purchase, you’ll wind up speaking to someone with no connection to you or your purchase, following a script with minimal knowledge, looking up your product online as they speak to you, if you get that far.

Appliances Connection has a floor of dedicated expert customer service people with an intimate knowledge of everything they sell who you can speak to by phone or via chat. There is even a chat manager to help coordinate inquiries. It’s an a la carte experience and provides incredible peace of mind for flippers to know that the products they have installed in their clients’ homes are not only covered by the best warranties in the business but by a customer service team which simply cannot be matched by physical stores.

Many of the flippers we service feel like Appliances Connection is their best-kept secret and some would like to keep it that way – thus maintaining an edge over their competition. They shouldn’t worry. Spreading the word could save them even more money. Our Referral Program gives customers further discounts for bringing in additional business. It’s kind of like air miles. Only instead of a trip to the sun-soaked beach, they’re likely to get a reduced price for a 36-inch range or a beautiful stainless steel refrigerator. With the savings, flippers will have more resources to work with on their next project. Can’t argue with that!

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