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Honest Reviews of the 5 Most Reliable Viking Cooktops

Honest Reviews of the 5 Most Reliable Viking Cooktops

Since its founding in the 1980s, Viking has been considered a bit of black sheep luxury appliance brand. The reason Unreliability. However, since their acquisition by Middleby in 2013, they've managed to shine off that tarnished reputation. Now, some have called Viking one of America's most beloved and dependable brands. Viking appliances can be found in some of the most high-end homes in the country. You can see one aspect of this surging recovered reputation in these Viking cooktops.

Viking Cooktops You Can Depend On

RVGC33015BSS | 3 Series 30 Inch Natural Gas Cooktop

RVGC33015BSS Viking Cooktop

If you love cooking as if you were a celebrity chef, you won't miss out with this Viking 3 Series cooktop. Don't let its modern conveniences and controls fool you.

At its heart is a 5-burner, natural gas-powered cooktop. With its ergonomic setup, you'll be juggling dishes like a pro.
  • Modern Elegance with a one-piece steel cooktop highlighted by graceful curves and a durable build, inside and out
  • State-of-the-Art Sealed Burners feature aluminum flame ports and porcelain-coated, cast-iron burner caps protects against messy and harmful spills
  • Automatic Electronic Spark Ignition and re-ignition means burners light at any position on the knob with easy and quick re-light whenever the flame is extinguished
  • Continuous, Heavy-Duty Grate Surface for non-stop cooking even when using multiple burners and moving cookware
  • Guaranteed Child-Proof with removable, metal die-cast knobs featuring push-to-turn lock that remain simple to operate and easy to clean

VECU53014BSB | 5 Series 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop

VECU53014BSB Viking Cooktop

Are you a cook-a-holic or just have a big family for whom you need to prepare large meals You're sure to appreciate this Viking 5 Series electric cooktop's generous surface space with 4 elements.

If you believe bigger might be even better, it's also available in a 36-inch model with 6 elements.
  • Commercial-grade Cooking Power featuring up to 10 cooking zones, including a 12 inch 3,200-watt triple element, and proprietary QuickCook ribbon technology that reaches full power in as fast as 3 seconds
  • Elements Lights make it easy to tell hot surfaces and active elements
  • Use Any Type of Cookware including oversized cookware with a continuous heated surface thanks to bridge elements that connects front and rear elements
  • Long-Lasting glass-ceramic surface and laser-etched graphics resist wear and tear, including the harshness of regular cleaning
  • Child-Proof with push-to-turn metal knobs that make it safe and easy to operate
  • Easy-to-Clean with a modern beveled edge and removable knobs

VUIW518 | 18 Inch Electric Induction Smoothtop Style Cooktop

VUIW518 Viking Cooktops

Step into the future with this cutting-edge induction cooktop. With pre-set temperatures, it may not be the most versatile model. However, you'll wow your guests as it appears you're cooking directly on your countertop.
  • Beautifully Engineered to seamlessly be mounted completely flush under countertops with no visible profile
  • Precision Temperature Control offering 4 selectable temperature settings: 150/160/175/190F (65/70/80/85C)
  • Automatic Temperature Sensor with exclusive Magneeto device on the countertop's upper surface to locate heat zones and function as a practical temperature sensor
  • Automatic Pan Detection for immediate energy transmission to the pan when it's present and deactivates when cookware is not there
  • State-of-the-Art Wireless Communication with proprietary SmartTag Technology touch control user interface for exact temperature control

VGSU5305BSS | Professional 5 Series 30 Inch Natural Gas Cooktop

VGSU5305BSS Viking Cooktops

Get more cooking power for all kinds of dishes with this Viking Professional 5 Series cooktop. It allows for everything from rapid boiling to simmering delicate sauces to high heat wok cooking.

The right front burner whispers at 6,000 BTUs. When you need it, though, its unparalleled 18,000 BTU left front power burner is good enough for restaurants and is now available in your home.
  • High-Performance, Commercial-Grade Burners gives you unbeatable cooking power no matter the recipe or heat requirement
  • Highest-Rated Combined BTU for liquid propane in the industry in an ample 30-inch wide cooktop featuring sealed burners with solid-state brass burner rings in a variety of popular sizes
  • Fast and Efficient Ignition System in the proprietary SureSpark ignition system that ensures unbeatable performance for automatic ignition and re-ignition whenever burners extinguish while cooking
  • Permanently Sealed Burners keeps burner box mess-free by preventing spills while deep-recessed burner pan holds in liquid spills
  • Elegant Detailing featuring a robust, laser-etched graphics built to resist everyday wear and tear, including regular cleaning
  • Removable Knobs, Grates, and Burner parts/caps for easy operation and cleaning

MVIC6304BBG | Virtuoso Series 30 Inch Electric Induction Smoothtop Style Cooktop

MVIC6304BBG Viking Cooktops

Like other induction cooktops, this Viking Virtuoso Series model is equal parts capable and economical.Magnetic induction turns your cookware into the heat source with minimal energy loss. No open heating elements on this sleek appliance keeps you cool and safe.
  • Exclusive MagneQuick Induction Technology efficiently converts electricity into a magnetic field that reacts and causes your cookware to heat up
  • Responsive Temperature Adjustment means precise controls and instant results whether you're lowering the heat or turning it up
  • Digital Control Panel is simple to operate with digital touch controls and easy-to-read digital readouts
  • Powerful Management System delivers an unprecedented boost of power for faster boiling or if desired, gentle simmering for melting or warming
  • Flexible Two-Timer Functions for cooking element or standalone
  • Intuitive Design with element lights to indicate active elements and hot surfaces with a sensor that pauses or turns off element when cookware isn't detected
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