Holy Smokes! It?s an Invisible TV!


By April Khan, Appliances Connection As if things couldn?t get any more science fiction! First there were plasma screens, which were amazing, then there were smart TVs, 3D TVs, 4K TVs and now there?s transparent OLED TVs.

Yes, you actually read that right! These TVs are mega-awesome! Here?s why.

Dynamic Visual Display

First of all, it?s an OLED. These televisions show much clearer and the colors are much deeper than a regular LED television. Instead of the traditional light ?scattering? effect caused by LEDs shining through LCD pixels; OLEDs emit their own light. This causes a truly dynamic display.

It Knows if You?ve Been Bad or Good

Now let?s get to the really cool part! This TV is no thicker than a glass window pane and it?s just as transparent. It contains two cameras, which interact with Intel Real Sense. This allows the TV to behave as a computer and a human at the same time. It reads your facial expressions to determine your mood and tracks your hand movements for easier hands-free interaction. And speaking of viewing?

3D Viewing

The front and rear cameras work together to provide a panoramic view of any object photographed. This photo can be transferred into a 3D image thanks to Intel RealSense.

Oh, and did we mention that this TV is voice and touch activated?!

Enhanced Shopping Experience

Virtual fitting rooms are a real possibility with this TV. All the customers have to do is stand in front of the television screen, select the clothing item they want to purchase, select the size, then stand back. Voila!

When interviewed, Jose Avalos from the Intel Corp, stated:

?Samsung Display?s revolutionary Transparent and Mirror OLED display solutions will drive retail and digital signage leaders, and their customers, to further innovate through greater manipulation of the Intel? RealSense? platform in order to deliver highly differentiated, exquisitely personalized customer experiences.??


Its Release???..

As for its release, no one knows for sure. It?s kind of top secret, but we suspect it will be out very soon with a first launch in Asia followed by the United States ? but we?ll have to wait and see.

For more information on the upcoming Samsung transparent TV check out their Press Release on Business Wire.

What do you think about the Samsung transparent TV? Hit or miss??

My colleague thinks it will make a great pranking tool. He says he?ll put in his window in place of a glass panel then play a loop of some scary figure peering in. I won?t be visiting him when this TV comes out!
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