Looking For High Paying Affiliate Programs? Choose High-End Appliances

Looking For High Paying Affiliate Programs? Choose High-End Appliances

Stop searching for high paying affiliate programs and start looking for ticket products and services...like high-end appliances.

Appliances Connection is an online retailer and service provider for luxury appliances.

Our average affiliate earns $52 per conversion (3-4% commission per sale).

You read that correctly, they put $52 in their pocket.

And don't forget...this is the average.

So half of our affiliate sales earn way more than $52 per sale.

If you are a skilled affiliate marketer, you can make way more than the average.

Literally hundreds of dollars per sale!

We also provide a 30 day conversion window which is practically unheard of in the ecommerce space.

Where else can you see numbers like this?

If you want to make a lot of money in the affiliate marketing space, go high end.

Why push small consumer packaged goods on Amazon with a one-day time limit when you can laser focus on selling kitchen packages worth thousands of dollars?

The below package is one of the top selling listings on our site.

High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Product

Sell one of these, which isn't hard at all, and make $79.77!

And just so you know, the majority of our affiliate sales come from marketers that don't even focus on home goods.

You don't even need a website as long as you use social media.

Unlike Amazon's, our affiliate program allows you to use organic and paid social media traffic.

That's right, you can basically start your own social media advertising agency by pushing ads to our website!

Keep in mind, we focus on high net worth individuals, which you can easily target on social media.

And you have a lot of margin and time to bring in your conversions in.

If you focus on packages like the one above and keep your cost per conversion below $30, you can profit $50 per sale on repeat.

You may wonder why we don't just do this ourselves and it's very simple.

We realized it's way more profitable for us to recruit social media marketers to earn sales for us rather than doing it ourselves.

We are basically paying hundreds of marketing agencies for performance rather than a paid monthly fee.

This can only be done with high ticket products like ours.

Social media includes:
1. Youtube
2. Facebook
3. Instagram
4. Pinterest
5. Snapchat

This works great with social media when you reach out to the customer, but gets tricky with search engines when the customers come to you.

This is why we cannot allow marketers to send paid search engine traffic directly to our website.

You can use paid search engine traffic, just don't bid on our brand and send traffic to your own content.

The same logic applies to banner ads -- Feel free to use it to send traffic to your own content and don't bid on our brand.

You can bid on our brand on social media but you need to be non-spammy and completely truthful in your advertising.

If you are interested in the technical details of our affiliate program, like commission rates and terms of agreements, visit our affiliate program page.

Please make sure to read the terms.

Although they are very lax, it's best to read them before you spend any of your money.

We also encourage you to email our affiliate marketing team at Affiliates@AppliancesConnection.com if you would like to discuss something uniquely tailored to you.

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