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Hestan Outdoor Appliances Review

Hestan Outdoor Appliances Review

Hestan outdoor appliances offer the convenience of the indoors. Their outdoor appliances include grills, refrigerators, storage, and more. Made in the USA, Hestan grills are made from superior-grade stainless steel and is built with advanced features. Using precision and quality heat, Hestan grills will bring consistent results in your outdoor kitchen whether it's steaks, shrimp, chicken, kebabs, hot dogs, and more. Impressive features include infrared top burners, whisper-quiet rotisserie, infrared rotisserie burner, and flip-to-clean ceramic briquettes.

Hestan puts their own personal touch into their grills, using signature features such as DiamondCut Grates, the Horizon Hood, Halogen Stadium Lights, and the Trellis Burner. The DiamondCut Grates are laser cut to ensure that there is even heat distribution, durability and easy cleaning. Place the grill's Horizon Hood at your desired height with spring-assisted hinges. The Halogen Stadium Lights work in unison with the Horizon Hood, being motion-activated so that they illuminate the entire cooking area when you lift up the hood. In addition to the infrared top burners, there is the Trellis Burner that delivers 25,00 BTUs of high-powered heat.


Halogen Stadium Lights- Motion-activated lighting under the hood illuminates the entire cooking area.


Infrared Top Burner- Delivers 12,500 to 18,000 BTUs, perfect for searing, finishing and making the most of the included rotisserie.


Trellis Burner- Delivers 25,000 BTUs of high-performance power with greater heat coverage and precision control.

Built-In Grills

Winning awards for Best Gas Grill and Best In Show, Hestan built-in grills will be the perfect piece to your outdoor ktichen. Multiple built-in grill models represent their G_BR Series, and will provide great performance for your grilling needs. Those models are equipped with Hestan's general and signature features including the infrared top burner, and the 25,000 BTU Trellis Burner. A variety of colors are offered for various models, with unique color options such as blue, gray, green, orange, purple, yellow, and more. Models start off with at least 500 square inches of a grilling surface, giving you more than enough space to fit food for rotisserie or grilling.

Freestanding Grills

With different cart customizations to choose from, Hestan freestanding grills will come installed how want it. They're easy to move, and the folding shelves gives these grills more mobility to move around. Two series that Hestan freestanding grills fall under are the Aspire series, and the Deluxe series. The Aspire freestanding grills feature a cart with two doors and are made to be easy to move around with unique color options available. The Deluxe series is similar but it offers more workspace to use for food prep. The Aspire come in sizes of 30", 36", and 42", while the Deluxe models come in bigger sizes of 36", 42", and 55". Grilling surface sizes in Aspire grills start off at 500 square inches, where surface sizes start off 600 square inches with deluxe models.

Refrigeration & Storage


Hestan GRWGL24


Hestan AGDR16

When prepping food you may need somewhere to properly store them and Hestan outdoor refrigerators would be a great addition to an outdoor kitchen. From regriferated drawers, ice machines, and even beer dispensers, Hestan refrigeration appliances are built to insulate and protect your items even in harsh weather environments. The refrigerators are heavy-duty insulated and and have LED lighting to easily view your items even at night time. Keep your items safe from being stolen with the door lock. Select models come with the option of choosing which side you want the door hinge on, as well as if you prefer a solid stainless door one with a glass panel.

Hestan storage drawers are also built to keep items safe such as pantry items or spices. Storage appliances come in different sizes with a different amount of drawers and doors. Select storage drawers have motion-activated illumination so you have easy access to items whenever you need something to grab. There's plenty of colors options available for Hestan's storage drawers, making it easier to match the drawers with outdoor appliances you already have.


It can be freestanding grills, built-in grills, or other outdoor appliances, Hestan makes outdoor cooking a greater experience. Hestan covers all areas of building an outdoor kitchen including grilling, refrigeration, and storage, providing all the appliances you need to enjoy your outdoor cooking. Along with modern technology and array of colors to choose from, Hestan appliances will give you efficient functionality and a variety of style.