06When the weather starts to get warmer and winter slowly fades into a distant memory, we start looking forward to longer days and time spent outdoors. I, for one, enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors. The combination of cooking and being outside awakens something with a primal and innate urge to grill meats over an open flame and devouring it. There’s so much joy in celebrating outdoors and doing a backyard barbecue. Sometimes, it’s nice to take some time to revitalize the spirit with good company, good food and shared laughter. Being a winter baby in the north east did not necessarily provide the excuse or means to initiate a birthday barbecue outdoors for myself. However, summer for me always meant grilling outdoors and I took great pride in preparing and hosting some of the most memorable barbecues within my circle. I was definitely my own Grill Master.

14355132917_11db714ffc_bAppliances Connection is excited to offer a wide selection of premium outdoor grills. Whether your preference is charcoal grilling or gas grilling, Appliances Connection has your choice of outdoor grill available. Charcoal grilling has its distinct advantages with archaic applications and flavorful cooking while gas grilling, such as propane, has its explicit advantages with modern applications and cleaner cooking. It may seem like a cop-out to say I prefer both, but I will say I lean favorably towards charcoal grilling from a personal standpoint. Whatever school of grilling you take sides in, the technique is only as good as the tools used.


Coyote C1CH36 Charcoal Hybrid Grill with premium stainless steel is a great option for one of the best outdoor grills utilizing charcoal grilling. This deluxe freestanding grill provides over 875 square inches of cooking surface about to handle for as much as two slabs of pork ribs or a small feast of burgers, hotdogs and wings for a large family. This Coyote C1CH36 charcoal hybrid grill also comes with the added convenience of an optional smoker box for the next level in outdoor cooking.

Coyote is based in Dallas, Texas and concentrates on outdoor cooking products. Their brand of appliances is derived from a passion for being a part of their customers’ outdoor living lifestyle. Coyote provides products that are attentively designed with longevity and ease of use in mind.


Width: 35.5″

Height: 22.5″

Depth: 23.75″

03Napoleon R425SIBNSS Rogue 425 Natural Gas Grill with Infrared Side Burner is a critically acclaimed outdoor gas grill in stainless steel which garnered the best overall pick with an editor’s choice over at reviewed. This outdoor gas grill is the best for grilling without the mess and stress of preparing with charcoal. Their tests concluded that the Napoleon Rogue 425 displayed the best combination of high and low temperature cooking maximized for evenness cooking. Utilizing ceramic infrared burners, this grill provides one of the best performances available with gas grills. With 625 square inches of total area which includes 425 square inches of an intense main grilling area, this outdoor gas grill is capable of a total 45,000 BTUs of cooking capacity. In addition, this grill provides an accurate Accu-Probe™ temperature gauge that is surprisingly accurate. An added bonus is an integrated infrared Sizzle Zone™ burner that allows for professional style grill marks.

Napoleon is an innovative and award winning brand of outdoor cooking appliances and related equipment that is the number one brand in Canada with over 30 years of experience. They have recently shifted their focus to gain recognition for their outstanding products in the United States.


Width: 51″

Height: 48″

Depth: 25″

02Landmann 591320 Smoky Mountain Bravo Premium Charcoal Grill is a quality outdoor grill that comes with an offset smoker box allowing for the best cooking techniques available for barbecues. The outdoor charcoal grill is best for grilling enthusiasts who want to apply smoking techniques to their barbecue repertoire. The Landmann Bravo 591320 features two large front panel doors allowing quick and easy access to handle charcoal, as well as, having a removable ash try for convenient cleanup.

Landmann USA is a manufacturer of premium outdoor living products with gas grills, smokers, fire pits, fireplaces and related accessories. They are division in part from the Gebrüder Thiele Group, a family owned company, which is a world renowned company with their operations based in Bremen, Germany starting in 1848.


Width: 70.3″

Height: 46″

Depth: 26″

04Napoleon PRO22K-LEG 22.5″ Professional Freestanding Charcoal Kettle Grill is the ideal outdoor grill option with the effortless capability of being portable. A modest but effective approach to any backyard BBQ or tailgate party. The Napoleon PRO22KLEG outdoor charcoal grill provides up to 365 square inches of cooking surface and cleanup is easy with the removable ash catcher underneath. As another added convenience, the cooking grate on this grill can be folded on opposing sides to add more charcoal during cooking or to prevent food items from rolling about. This portable outdoor grill by Napoleon also comes equipped with their exclusive Accu-Probe™ temperature gauge providing one of the industry’s most precise readings.


Width: 22.5″

Height: 40.5″

Depth: 28.5″

For the serious grilling aficionado, they probably have already established an outdoor kitchen or for the most part, are in the process of completing one. Assumedly, being outdoors smoke shouldn’t be a big concern but you’d be wrong. The biggest problem with outdoor grilling is the amount of smoke that wafts and billows in every direction. Eliminate smoke and smells by adding a ventilation hood to your outdoor kitchen and control the smoke circulation away from you and your guests.

05Vent-A-Hood PRH18M30SS Wall Mount Ducted Range Hood  is the best solution to eliminate smoke and odor from placing a damper on your next outdoor shindig. This wall mount ventilation hood by Vent-A-Hood comes in their M series lineup and is intended to be customized with options to meet the required air circulation demand. This unit is available in single or dual (sold separate) 600 CFM fans and 24” or 27” depth.

Vent-A-Hood has been in operation since 1933 manufacturing only ventilation systems. They are dedicated to provide progressive ventilation solutions on a consistent basis. Vent-A-Hood maintains an excellence in a superior product in their extensive lineup of ventilation solutions consisting of air recover systems, chimney extensions, wall mount hoods, island mount hoods, range hoods and under-cabinet hoods to name a few.

Additional Dimensions:

Width: 30”

Height: 18”



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