Anyone who lives, or has ever lived, in a city knows that urban dwellings aren’t the most spacious of places. In fact, that’s a pretty generous statement because the square footage sure isn’t generous, especially in New York. We’re going to show you how to make the most of that small space without sacrificing cutting edge innovation.

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There’s nothing wrong with a smaller space. In fact, the trend of tiny house living and minimalism depicts a rise in intentional living and smart choices. If you’re looking for new appliances to furnish your home with, you should look for a line of products that coincide with your values and the way you want to fill your space. Small spaces can fill up fast so you need to pick cohesive pieces that work well together and give you the most bang for your buck and your dimensions.

GE Profile propagates a clean and sophisticated exterior with an interior purposefully designed to make you a “master of multitasking.” The exterior has the same classic GE design that will compliment any kitchen, but the guts of the products have been engineered with the busy body in mind– particularly the small urban bust body.

The GE Profile Refrigerator with a built-in Keurig.

Whether you’re a student who just pulled an all-nighter to get in a few extra pages on your graduate thesis, or a take-work-home kind of person, chances are, your day doesn’t even begin until the second cup of coffee. What if you could brew that first cup, from your bed. Lets be honest; we all have the bad habit of checking our phones the moment we’ve regained some degree of consciousness. So while you’re thumbing through Facebook and Instagram, why don’t you open up another app and brew your coffee in your kitchen on your Keurig.

It’s a refrigerator first, so it still offers classic essential features in addition to innovative enhancements.

Then, when you finally get to the kitchen and peel yourself off of your bed to start the day, you can grab that coffee and some breakfast– all in the same place. I think we’ve been cryptic enough but that’s only because something this innovative needs a big build-up. GE profile has designed a refrigerator with a built-in Keurig. The PFE28PSKSS 36″ French Door Refrigerator has a large 27.8 cu. ft. total capacity and is energy star certified, but (undoubtedly) it’s most interesting feature is the integrated water dispenser and Keurig machine. This could just be the one-stop unit for every meal. Despite the seemingly paradoxical nature of this unit, it will still keep your food cold while keeping your water and coffee hot.

In all honesty, you’re going to buy a refrigerator to keep your food cold and fresh, not make coffee, so this is pretty important. It’s got TwinChill Evaporators that allow it to create separate climate zones within the unit. This is an industry standard and a mark of excellence in refrigeration. There’s also a TurboCool setting that will regulate the temperature in the fridge after frequent openings. This feature is especially good for family get-togethers and parties, when you and your guests are constantly reaching for something.

Before you can store your food, you’re going to have to make it. One of the most annoying parts of cooking on a freestanding range is the gap on both sides where the unit meets the counter. I cannot even begin to count how many times I’ve dropped food down the sides.

Edge to edge alignment keeps pasta and everything else in the pot, where it should be.

That’s why this edge-to-edge PGB911SEJSS 30″ range from GE Profile is so great! Its cooktop will sit flush with both sides of the cut-out space and it features self-clean with steam clean and heavy-duty, dishwasher-safe grates. It’s easy to clean and the design takes preventative measures to make sure you won’t make a huge mess in the first place. The range also comes with an extra-large integrated reversible grill/griddle for the range’s oval burner.

It’s also got 2 extra-large 18,000 BTU Power Broil burners. We’ve said that this line creates culinary cohesion for any space even urban closet-sized apartments, and that’s partly due to Chef Connect.

The range’s partner is perfection is the PVM9005SJSS OTR Microwave Oven. The mircrowwave features another convenient feature called the “Add 30 Seconds” Button which allows you to quickly increase the cooking time of your dish. It’s easy and fast so you same more time and you can do more– one of the core values of the line. The range and OTR microwave connect to one another allowing you to synchronize the time on the units, and the operation of the hood can be controlled from the range.

Microwave + Hood + Sync = GE Profile Connectivity.

It’s just an extra step you can skip to make your experience more fluid. Moreover, the option of an OTR Microwave is true to their multitasking message because it gives you the functions of two separate appliances in one unit. Granted, the microwave option does not have as much suction power as a hood (solitary) would but it boasts 400 CFM of power so if that fits your cooking style, then it’s the best option. You save space and money with this built-in two-for-one option.

Another way GE has tried to give you back your time is by adding powerful silverware jets. Pre-washing is a thing of the past with the PDT845SSJSS 24″ Built-In, 7 Cycle Dishwasher.

This dishwasher is designed with multiple jets to handle many types of cookware.

This dishwasher has over 140 cleaning jets and a hidden vent with a fan and heater to help dry your dishes faster. The power-packed bottle jets get those hard-to-reach places in tall items, like tall glasses, to offer the best clean possible for any type of cookware. There’s a feature that addresses them all and is in line with GE Profile’s multitasking message for this line. Best of all, this happens at 42 dBa, so if you didn’t know any better, you’d think your dishwasher wasn’t working at all.

These four core products in the GE Profile line let you do more with less and form a cohesive kitchen, both visually and functionally. The appliances work together to skip the extra steps and get straight to quality results for a better culinary experience everyday. If you’ve got a smaller space to work with, these are a great option for those reasons and they’ll add effortless luxury to your home.


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