House flippers will be the first to attest that a house is sold within the first 30 seconds a prospective buyer walks through the front door. It includes everything from the gleam on the hardwood floors to the quality of new appliances emitting the aroma of fresh baked cookies in the kitchen.

Inspiration and Aspiration

The first visual and sensory impression is key. Buyers aren’t going to inspect the names on the appliances the moment they walk in the door. But a new home has to inspire and it has to be aspirational. Buyers want something that looks good and looks expensive, something they didn’t believe was in their price range. The savvy house flipper knows how to pull on a buyer’s emotional heartstrings while staying on budget.

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A Luxury Look While Staying On Budget

“Most house flippers make their money in the mid-range priced houses,” says Daniel Baja at Appliances Connection who sells to many house flippers across the country. “Having said that every home buyer wants to feel like their kitchen has top-notch appliances. They want a Viking, Sub-Zero look on a less expensive budget.”

In order to give the appearance of having luxury brands in their home Baja suggests that flippers look at specific brands.

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LG appliance package

LG and Samsung

“Right now I would say LG and Samsung are the go-to brands for flippers. They look really good and perform very well. If a flipper can spend $5000 on an appliance package, they can end up with very high-quality machines and can get mail in rebates which will save them money the next time around.”

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Frigidaire’s Gallery Series

Making Your Money Stretch

Mid-high-level flips at the $400,000 plus sales price may also want to consider Frigidaire’s Gallery Series, GE Café and Bosch. For flips in the $150K-$200,000 sales range, Baja recommends Frigidaire, Maytag, and Whirlpool.

“With the new technology available today all brands work at a very high level and look good even at the lower price points. The flippers that I work with make additional money by purchasing packages where they get discounts and by being repeat buyers and taking advantages of rebates,” he says.


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