Get the Luxury Kitchen Look for Less with the new Bosch Handles!
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Get the Luxury Kitchen Look for Less with the new Bosch Handles!

It's no secret that Bosch and Thermador offer great products that are reliable and beautiful, but latter is markedly more expensive than the former. Luckily, Bosch has come out with a way to fit a quality fridge in your Thermador kitchen that has the same professional look, at a fraction of the cost!

Bosch Handles

The difference between the Pro and Masterpiece Series handles from Thermador.

Bosch has come out with a set of Pro-Style Handles in Stainless Steel that mimic the Thermador professional design. Bosch's refrigerator handles are characteristically minimal and sleek. Thermador's Masterpiece handles have a similar look to the traditional Bosch handles, but they're a bit more angular with sharper edges.

This is a minor difference but it makes a big differences aesthetically as smoother transitions on the edges, or rounded corners, offer a more fluid and soft look. Whereas the sharper Thermador edges create a more structured and industrial-esque look. The Bosch BOHANDL40 Pro-Style Handles are designed exclusively for Bosch products to provide users an accessory that allows them to give their Bosch refrigerator an upgrade at half the price.


The Bosch B26FT80SNS 36" French-Door Fridge with the usual Bosch handles.

This is a significant development in the Bosch line for two reasons.

The first being that it gives you an affordable alternative to a Thermador refrigerator that will match all of your other Thermador Professional products at the fraction of the price.

The second benefit is that you can use the handles as an aesthetic upgrade on the model you already own if you're itching to upgrade the look of your kitchen but you're not willing to shell out the cash for all new appliances.

The handles are currently only available for the Bosch 36" counter-depth models, B21CL80SNS and B21CL81SNS.


The Bosch B21CL80SNS Fridge has a screen with temperature and fridge settings info on it, while the other model offers an uninterrupted surface.

The handles are also only available in stainless steel, but the professional design is intended to be paired with a stainless steel finish, so it's a non-issue. The refrigerators you can purchase the handles for have great features like a 2-drawer freezer, a retractable shelf (which is great for making tall bottles and large containers fit in your fridge), and a Dual AirCool System. The difference between the two is that the Bosch B21CL80SNS French-Door Refrigerator has a small display screen (shown above) and the other model, the Bosch B21CL81SNS French-Door Refrigerator, does not.

These new Bosch handles are a great optional way to dress up your appliance or help them blend into your Thermador dominant kitchen, with a comparatively wallet-friendly price tag!

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