gewallovenfit1Appliances Connection offers wall ovens that fit in any kitchen. Upgrade your kitchen with a new wall oven from GE Appliances. One of the more experienced companies in manufacturing home appliances, GE Appliances has the perfect wall oven for the home kitchen. GE Appliances Fit Guarantee is valid for replacing or upgrading any  27” or 30” wall oven with a new GE Café Series, GE Profile, or GE appliances brand built in single, double, or microwave combination wall oven will fit any existing cabinetry. Regardless of any preexisting brand of wall oven, GE Appliances brand of wall ovens are designed to simply fit.

gewallovenA wall oven is designed to fit perfectly within kitchen cabinetry or inside a wall if space allows. It combines form and function in one of the more versatile appliances found in the kitchen. A wall oven is designed to save space especially when used as an addition to those who prefer using a cooktop over a traditional cooking range. Also, it is a great add-on to any kitchen for accommodating large meals for large households. For those who enjoy the luxury of space, a wall oven is a premium option to blend seamlessly in any kitchen cabinetry design layout. They’re also great at getting more done without having to worry about juggling and timing out large meals, meaning more productivity for Thanksgiving feasts or even just Sunday family dinners.


Make modernizing and reinvigorating your kitchen simple. Whether you need to replace a similar wall oven from GE Appliances or another brand, GE Appliances provides the guarantee that their wall ovens are designed for an exact fit. GE takes it a step further in providing the best solution for their customers by offering up to $300 on modifications to existing cabinetry to ensure the perfect fit for any new wall oven from GE. This is their GE Fit Guarantee, more information found below.

GE Cafe CT9070SHSSFor those in the market for a 30” single wall oven. The GE Cafe CT9070SHSS 30″ 5.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Electric Single Wall Oven with Top Broiler is a modern take on traditional looking ovens while providing top of the line performance. Accommodate any size or any amount of baking with utilizing up to 3 easy to customize and remove oven racks. The GE Café CT9070SHSS wall oven will appeal towards culinary enthusiasts who want an oven that is capable of more.

GE Cafe CT9070SHSS 1Notable Features

  • True European Convection: Optimize the way you bake by taking advantage of GE’s True European Convection capability.
  • Brillion-Enabled: Using a smart device and your home WiFi network to control your oven wirelessly.
  • Ten-Pass Bake Element and Ten-Pass Dual Broil Element: Cook faster and more effectively with GE’s Ten-Pass oven baking elements to cover more surface area allowing for a golden brown and delicious exterior.


A luxurious option for a wall oven comes in the form of not a single but a double wall oven. The GE Cafe CT9550SHSS 30″ 10 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Double Wall Oven with Top Broiler is perfect for any household that puts effort into Sunday dinners. With each oven cavity capable of 5.0 cu. ft. capacity, this GE CT9550SHSS double wall oven provides the most function in completing an entire feast simultaneously.

CT9550SHSS 1Notable Features

  • True European Convection: The most efficient way to bake is convection and true European convection allows the direct flow of air circulation promoting a more even bake.
  • Brillion-Enabled: Check the status remainder and control your oven wirelessly via smart device and WiFi.
  • Ten-Pass Bake Element and Ten-Pass Dual Broil Element: Ensure all your food is cooked perfectly with more cooking coverage with GE’s ten-pass baking elements.


For a modest single wall oven, the GE JK3000DFWW 27″ 4.3 cu. ft. Capacity Electric Single Wall Oven with Steam Clean is a good option for a streamlined approach for your kitchen décor. The GE JK3000DFWW single wall oven is also top rated amongst users who own the appliance. Featuring a generous amount of capacity, this wall oven also provides convenient features with electronic touch controls and LED display.

JK3000DFWW (1)Notable Features

  • Ten-Pass Bake Element and Eight-Pass Broil Element: Cook faster and more effectively with GE’s multi-pass baking elements.
  • Steam Clean: Quick and easy self-clean options with the natural power of steam. No need to use additional harsh chemicals.
  • Easy to Use Controls: Enjoy user-friendly features with audible preheat signal to get started baking immediately when the oven is ready. Program an automatic shut-off for when your bake is done or override it to continue baking if you need it. Or convenient delay bake and start options to suit your schedule among others.

Subject to some terms and conditions. A maximum of $300 provided by GE Appliances in the form of a prepaid Visa card in covering the costs of professionally modifying your existing kitchen cabinetry height and width. In the unlikely event that your cabinet modification exceeds the allotment of $300 then you, the customer, is responsible for the additional cost.

Additional terms and conditions apply, for complete and comprehensive details, GE Fit Guarantee form in the following link:




Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY since 1998, Appliances Connection is an industry leader in appliance, furnishings and accessories sales. The company ships to 48 states in the Continental U.S. and offers over 30,000 products, with brands such as Samsung, Danby, Frigidaire, Viking, LG, Bosch and more.

For product ideas and inquiries regarding this special or any other rebate information, call: 800-299-9470


GE Appliances Wall Ovens


 30″ Double Wall Ovens 27″ Double Wall Ovens 30″ Microwave Combination Wall Ovens
● CT9550SHSS ● CK7500SHSS ● CT9800SHSS
● JT3500DFBB ● JK3500DFBB ● JT3800DHBB
● JT3500DFWW ● JK3500DFWW ● JT3800SHSS
● JT3500EJES ● JK3500SFSS ● PT7800DHBB
● JT3500SFSS ● JK5500DFBB ● PT7800DHWW
● JT5500DFWW ● JK5500DFWW ● PT7800EKES
● JT5500DFWW ● JK5500SFSS ● PT7800SHSS
● JT5500EJES ● PK7500DFBB ● PT9800SHSS
● JT5500SFSS ● PK7500DFWW
● PT7550DFBB ● PK7500EJES
● PT7550DFWW ● PK7500SFSS
● PT7550EHES
● PT7550SFSS
● PT9550DFBB
● PT9550SFSS
27″ Microwave Combination Wall Ovens 27″ Single Wall Ovens
● JK3800DHBB ● CK7000SHSS
 ● JK3800DHWW ● JK1000DFBB
● JK3800SHSS ● JK1000SFSS
● PK7800EKES ● JK3000DFBB
● PK7800SKSS ● JK3000DFWW
● JK3000SFSS
● JK5000DFBB
● JK5000DFWW
● JK5000SFSS
● PK7000DFBB
● PK7000DFWW
● PK7000EJES
● PK7000SFSS


10 thoughts on “GE Wall Oven FIT Guarantee

  1. I would like to replace a Whirlpool GBDPRS00 30″ Double Wall Oven (GBD307PRS) with a GE JT5500SFSS 30″ Double Wall Oven. Will this fit my existing cabinet? If modifications are needed, what would that entail? We have solid oak cabinets with a drawer below and cabinet doors above our existing double oven.

  2. Hi! I would like to replace my existing wall oven PLEB30T9FCB with the GE MONOGRAM 30″ BUILT-IN FRENCH-DOOR DOUBLE OVEN. Will the existing space be able to accomodate this?

    1. Hello, Linda.

      Click here for the spec sheet for your current Frigidaire oven.

      Click here for the spec sheet for the Monogram oven in which you’re interested.

      If you’ll compare the two, most of the dimensions will work except for the height. The minimum height required for your current oven is 48 7/8″ while the Monogram will require a minimum heights of 53″. Thus, you’ll need some minor modification to the wall cutout in order for the new model to fit. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions. Your participation in our online community forum is greatly appreciated.

  3. I’m replacing a Kenmore 30 wall over microwave combo W 30 x D 24 1/2 x H 42 3/4 with a GE wall oven microwave combo W 29 3/4 x D 26 3/4 x 43 7/8 Cutout for both is D 23 1/2. Will the new GE fit in the cabinet? How can both have a cutout D of 23 1/2 when the dimension for the GE is at least 2 inches larger?

    1. Hello, Cheryl.

      The GE should fit if the cutout for both appliances is identical. The reason for the larger dimensions for the GE may be because there is a lip that extends beyond the cutout. Do you happen to have model numbers for both appliances? If you provide those, I can confirm with more certainty. Thanks for participating in the Appliances Connection online forum.

  4. Does the fit guarantee cover movement of electrical box? Oven will not fit all the way back unless I move electrical box from right side of oven to left.

    1. Hello, Glen. Please allow me to give you an overview of how the GE Appliance Fit program works. When you purchase a qualifying GE appliance, you’ll need to fill out a form to receive a gift card worth up to $300.00 in towards the modification of your kitchen. The guarantee will cover the movement of an electrical box if the work is less than $300.00. You can find the form you’ll need to fill out in the following link:

      Don’t hesitate to contact Appliances Connection if you have further questions. Your participation in our online community forum is greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi Harry, I’ve sent over the form on the email you listed. If you have any further questions, feel free to respond to my email.

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