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Introducing the Frigidaire Tall Twins Freezer and Refrigerator

Introducing the Frigidaire Tall Twins Freezer and Refrigerator

The Professional Collection is Frigidaire’s way of giving their customers a professional upgrade without a full kitchen renovation. Their newest addition to this collection is a stunning pair of tall twin cooling units that are impossible to ignore. This pair is comprised of an eye-catching single-door refrigerator unit as well as a matching freezer, both sporting a built-in look and designed with high-performance cooling features together with durable hardware. Thanks to their twin appearance, this freezer and refrigerator pair can house a diverse suite of cooling and storage options in a convenient, versatile coupling. Let’s go through all the features that make these twin units powerhouses of cooling technology that adapt to any residential setting.

Appearance and Pairing Options

Frigidaire Professional Unit Placement

What makes this freezer and refrigerator pair so convenient is not just in the sheer multitude of storage options available to you, but also how accommodating their design is to your exact kitchen needs. They have been designed with flexibility in mind. You can place them together so that all your stored foods are in one spot, or you can place them in different sections of your kitchen if you are working with a tighter space. Several stylish trim kits are also available with both flat and louvered design to enhance these units’ built-in appearance and give their installation spot the perfect finishing touch.

Frigidaire Professional Rounded Handle

Each of these tall twin units comes standard with the Professional Collection’s Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel which resists fingerprints and is easy to clean. Attached to the front of the twins are tubular, transitional handles which combine contemporary shapes with a pro-style feel. Alternatively, a rounded handle option is available to better suit your kitchen’s style if need be.

Freezer and Refrigerator Shared Features

Frigidaire Professional Twins Kitchen

If your budget restrictions make it difficult for you to acquire both these units together, never fear. Many features are shared between these twin cooling units, such as a Star-K® Certified Sabbath Mode, so you know you are getting the same high-quality construction and performance no matter which you choose. Let’s go through these features to see how these Frigidaire twins will enhance your kitchen setup.

EvenTemp™ Cooling System

EvenTemp™ Cooling System: A variable speed compressor reacts quickly to temperature fluctuations, constantly circulates cold air throughout each compartment, reduces freezer burn and keeps food fresh. Includes PureAir Ultra® II Air Filter.

Impressive Storage Capacity

Impressive Storage Capacity: Each unit easily fits 6-7 bags of groceries and eliminates the need for additional cooling units in your garage or basement.

SpaceWise® Organization System

SpaceWise® Organization System: Easily organize your family’s favorites with metallic-trimmed glass shelves, spacious dark tinted door bins, large crisper drawer, soft-freeze drawer, glide-out ice maker and more.

Enhanced LED Lighting

Enhanced LED Lighting: Sleek and evenly distributed light enhances targeted areas including shelves, crispers and bins.

 Elegant Digital Temperature Controls

Elegant Digital Temperature Controls: Easily accessible, premium-looking electronic control panel located inside the twins quickly adjusts temperatures and offers a streamlined exterior look.

42-Point Quality Check

42-Point Quality Check: Strong performance is guaranteed for years to come thanks to each tall twin unit going through a 42-point quality check.

Door Ajar and High Temp Alarm

Door Ajar and High Temp Alarm: An audible alarm alerts you if the door is left open or the internal temperature of your twin unit rises too high, ensuring the ideal environment for your stored foods.

Auto-Close Doors

Auto-Close Doors: Automatically closes the door once it is ajar 5-in. or less to prevent food spoilage or melting.

ENERGY STAR® Certified

ENERGY STAR® Certified: Energy-efficient design ensures you save money while these products maintain high-performance.

Freezer and Refrigerator Exclusives

Now let’s take a dive into exclusive features of each of these twin units. Here are some of the ways each preserves, purifies, and ensures the freshness of your stored foods and beverages.

Refrigerator Features:

 CrispSeal® Plus Crispers

CrispSeal® Plus Crispers: Built with Auto Humidity technology which removes excess moisture. Also comes with ethylene adsorber to reduce gasses emitted by foods which causes spoilage.

 Internal Water Dispenser

Internal Water Dispenser: Pure, filtered water is available straight from your refrigerator’s interior while maintaining a clean exterior look.

 PurePour™ Water Filter

PurePour™ Water Filter: Reduces up to 99% of contaminants while reducing plastic use and saving you money on bottled water. NSF and WQA certified.

Freezer Features:

Power Outage Assurance

Power Outage Assurance: Even when the power goes out, the superior tight seal locks in cold air for over two whole days.

Built-In Glide Out Icemaker

Built-In Glide Out Icemaker: This sleek, dual bin built-in icemaker is easy to remove and produces up to 4.5 pounds of ice per day.