Column refrigeration has long been the domain of ultra-luxury brands. Customizable set-ups of all-refrigerators, freezer columns, and full-sized wine coolers can run several thousand dollars per piece. The price of some full customized sets can run into the tens of thousands.

Frigidaire Professional Column Refrigeration

However, Frigidaire Professional has now entered the fray. As in the past, they’ve taken what’s seen as high-end products and are offering them at a more reasonable price point. They’ve just released a new line of refrigeration columns they’re affectionately calling “Twins”. A full column set can be had for less than $6,000.00. It certainly doesn’t mean they’ve skimped on features, though. Let’s take a look at this Frigidaire Professional Column Refrigeration twin set consisting of a 32-inch all refrigerator and a 32-inch all freezer.

Note 1: In order to appear built-in, Frigidaire Professional twin sets require a trim kit such as the one included in this package.
Note 2: This Frigidaire Professional twin set is Star K Certified.

Frigidaire Professional Column Refrigeration: 32-inch Glass Door All Refrigerator [FPGU19F8TF]

Frigidaire Professional Column Refrigeration: Frigidaire-Professional-FPGU19F8TF

As the saying goes, you only have one chance to make a good first impression. This glass door refrigerator column succeeds at that quite spectacularly. A pane of glass is framed by Frigidaire’s signature Smudge-Proof™ stainless steel. This door doubles as a picture frame that showcases all your fresh foods. I must be honest, this would give me the impetus to make sure all my groceries are well organized.

Opening the door reveals an expansive 18.6 cu ft interior. Speaking of organization, this Frigidaire Professional helps you to make sure everything is in order in the generous space. Unlike many glass door models, this one sports two racks beneath the pane that span the width of the door. This is perfect for storing drinks or condiment bottles.

Frigidaire Professional Column Refrigeration: Frigidaire-Professional-FPGU19F8TF-Shelving

All of the shelves, crisper bins, and the full-width deli drawer utilize Frigidaire’s SpacePro™ configuration system. This means you can reposition each component at any height depending on your needs. You can also flip shelves up so to handle taller items. Whether you’re storing a large bone-in ham or prefer to have your fresh produce at chest height, there’s a fridge setup for you. For you oenophiles, there’s a removable wine rack that can hold up to six standard bottles.

You won’t need to keep an open box of baking soda in the fridge anymore with Frigidaire’s PureAir Ultra® filter. Perfected in their room air purifiers, the system pulls all the condensed and evaporated air through the filter. This removes up to seven times as much odor as baking soda and keeps everything fresh.

Frigidaire Professional Column Refrigeration: 32-Inch All Freezer [FPFU19F8RF]

Frigidaire Professional Column Refrigeration: Frigidaire-Professional-FPFU19F8RF-Freezer

The corresponding freezer is the refrigerator’s perfect partner in both form and function. It shares the Smudge-Proof™ stainless steel finish that’ll resist the fingerprints from the hands of grubby little monster children.

Inside the cavernous 18.6 cu ft you’ll also find SpacePro™ shelving. With shelves flipped up and the convenient bottom storage basket and door baskets removed, you could fit an entire side of beef in there, should you be so inclined.

Frigidaire Professional Column Refrigeration: Frigidaire-Professional-FPFU19F8RF-Freezer-Shelves

The PrecisioinPro™ Controls keep the ideal temperature for all your frozen foods. It can be adjusted at just the touch of a button. On the door, you’ll find a Soft Freeze™ Zone. It keeps the temperature slightly warmer than the rest of the freezer cavity. This assures foods like ice cream and stored bread dough aren’t rock hard when you retrieve them. If, for whatever reason, the door is left open too long and the temperature drops below a certain point, an alert will chime, catching your attention. Finally, the internal PowerPlus™ ice maker that guarantees you’ll always have ice close at hand.


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