Introducing the New Frigidaire 30-Inch Slide-In Gas Range with Air Fry
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Introducing the New Frigidaire 30-Inch Slide-In Gas Range with Air Fry

When consumers normally think of Frigidaire, they think of a stalwart workhorse of the appliance industry. They assume the brand's offerings may not be the flashiest or the most innovative, but what they do they do extremely well. These assumptions are utterly smashed asunder with the new Frigidaire 30-inch slide-in gas range with air fry (FGGH3047VF) from their relatively upmarket Gallery Series.

The Look of the Frigidaire 30-Inch Slide-In Gas Range with Air Fry

Frigidaire ranges

The first thing you'll notice about the ranges fade is its lustrous stainless steel surface. You won't have to worry about this being marred, though. It's composed of proprietary Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel, a feature Frigidaire introduced more than five years ago. It's virtually impervious to fingerprints that may be a consequence of everyday use. More severe stains and smears are easily wiped away.

The Cooktop


The range's cooktop is made of smooth porcelain which is just as easily cleaned. Four main burners have a wide range when it comes to heating capability. Use the right rear simmer burner to gently prepare a delicate bechamel sauce without scorching. The 9,500 BTU left rear burner can keep dishes warm. Your go-to burner will be on the left front with 14,000 BTUs to saut scallops and fusilli. Water can be brought to a quick boil with the 18,000 BTU right front burner.


There's a fifth 10,000 BTU center oval burner where a griddle can be placed on which you can sear a swordfish steak or channel your inner short order cook, whipping up breakfast foods. The griddle is removable, giving you a continuous workspace. You'll be able to slide the heaviest skillets or Dutch ovens between burners with ease. Each burner is precisely governed by ergonomic, heavy-duty, stainless steel knobs.

Convection oven

No less capable is the expansive 5.6 cu ft oven. No matter what you're using it for, you'll not have to wait long to start cooking with its Quick Preheat feature. This uses the convection fan working in concert with a heating element to accelerate the pre-heating process so desired temperatures will be reached within minutes. Speaking of the convection element, it also assists in traditional cooking techniques such as baking and roasting with True Convection. This distributes more heat more evenly throughout the oven for cooking that is quicker than traditional convection. With convection bake, a blueberry pie will attain a flaky brown crust with filling that's fully cooked and not soupy. Using convection roast on a marinated duck will crisp skin, seal in flavors, and result meat that's juicy and uniformly medium rare.

Air Fry

Lifestyle Air Fry

Not to belabor the point on the convection element, but it boasts a quality that truly sets this particular range apart from anything else on the market - it works as an air fryer. Traditional air fryers are dedicated appliances that take up a considerable amount of counterspace. At the time of this writing, they're relatively expensive at up to $400.00. They don't have much in the way of capacity and what you can fry you're a slave to guesswork as most air fryers don't have digital controls. The air fryer in this Frigidaire Gallery range eliminates all those inconveniences right in the oven. The convection fan blows at high speed while the heating element intensifies to scorching temperatures, giving foods a crunchy fried texture without the use of oil. You'll be able to have chicken wings or sweet potato fries and more with minimal guilt.

Note: Though not required, Frigidaire recommends the use of their ReadyCook Air Fry Tray for best air frying results.

Controls and Additional Features