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Five Must-Know Facts About Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Five Must-Know Facts About Mid-Century Modern Living Room

With so many designers and design styles, it is easy to envision any design as one framed image. However, various elements inspire different emotions with color, texture, form, and a frame. The mid-Century modern design features distinguished characteristics with clean lines, furniture functionality, and contrasting materials such as wood and metal. We at Appliances Connection have carefully selected a sofa, an armchair, a coffee table, and a lighting accessory, to show you an example of what mid-century modern design is all about.

A Cream Color Palette Mid-Century Modern Living Room

Modway EEI2108BEISET


Always Remember Comfort

Comfort is always the first consideration when it comes to sitting up, napping, or lounging. Every element of the mid-century modern design should balance each other, not dominate. Furniture should be calm to visualize the extraordinary harmony of this design. The Modway 109-in L-shaped sectional sofa can create your favorite lounging spot. The fabric upholstery is soft and cozy, with a multitude of patterns and color options available.

Modway EEI4082LGRI


Complement the Space

If you want your furniture to looking beautiful from every angle, you might want to consider a more functional but open space. Our designers suggest complementing the surrounding area by choosing a coffee table and an end table. Our selected pieces from the Modway and Walker Edison brands are the perfect addition to create functional spaces. The Modway coffee table is an iconic model of mid-century modern design. Walker Edison’s mixed material side table is a design for comfort; you can place your favorite magazines, books, or electronic devices and keep them close by.

Modway EEI4082SAN


Balance With Each Other

Furnishings and objects should focus on sharing harmony. The Modway designs a set of two armchairs to complement your sofa with color and fabric. It balances simplicity and subtle sophistication that blends perfectly with your mid-century modern design living room.

HomeRoots 320218


Lighting is Everything

When it comes to lighting effects, sometimes natural light is overstated. In terms of artificial lighting in mid-century modern style, arc floor lamps sign mid-century modernism. The HomeRoots designs an arc lamp that is almost 7 feet high. Its layout will make you feel that this tall, matte black finish and burlap fabric shade lamp overlooks the whole mid-century modern design with satisfaction.

Ren-Wil OL1904


Details for a Reason

There is a reason why we decorate our homes with different accessories, artworks, and decorative details. Because simple elements can make a focal point to any design, and in mid-century modernism, simplicity brings elegance. Paintings can make any room design come alive and take center stage. Ren Will designs decorative accent pieces and painted canvas art in mid-century modern style. This nature-inspired gold and silver leaf canvas art adds luxury touch and holds a perfect balance to your décor.


Appliances Connection offers you various options on how to style your home with different design style aesthetics. Home furnishings listed below inspire mid-century modern design style and are available to purchase online. Our designers are here to help you build the home of your dreams.