In marketing meetings up and down the country, one word is uttered over and over again – millennials. They are the target audience of all consumer brands. Young, with disposable income and a desire to possess what’s new, stylish, environmentally friendly, and on the cutting edge of technology. They are constant upgraders, the fixer-uppers, the new homeowners. Millennials accounted for 35% of new home buys in 2017. They are the largest demographic of new appliance buyers. In fact, 24% of all millennials income is spent on home appliances.

It’s understandable. They have grown up surrounded by technology and are finely tuned to the changes the tech world exerts over the consumer landscape. It follows that unless they are hipsters wallowing in analog lo-fi, millennials own the condos with the coolest stuff. Here are 5 appliances, the under-35s may look to purchase for their new home.

SMEG | FAB32UPGRN 50s Retro Style Series 24-inch Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

SMEG’s 50s style refrigerators may look like something from a French New Wave film. However, they have filled a gap in the market. SMEG realized that not everyone was enamored with kitchens containing banks of faceless modern stainless steel machinery. People wanted something with personality. Something nostalgic. SMEG’s retro-looking refrigerator are only old from the outside. Inside they brim with the latest technology.

Frost Free and Optimum Preservation

The 50’s Style Retro Aesthetics Series comes with 8.09 cu. ft capacity. There is a No Frost feature in the freezer due to fan assisted cooling which eliminates ice build-up.

The Fast Freezing function allows you to significantly lower the freezer’s temperature when activated a few hours prior to the intended usage. This way, when you’re ready to load newly purchased groceries, lowers the temperature of the specific compartment activated for a few hours prior to usage. This is useful in the anticipation of storing groceries, allowing them to immediately be cooled to their ideal temperature

Bright Lights And Big Efficiency

An energy efficiency measure is the LED lighting which allows a long-lasting illumination of the fridge’s interior. Cold air is force distributed through the refrigerator compartment which maintains even temperature throughout.

The refrigerator consists of 3 adjustable glass shelves. You’ll be able to store tall bottles, large casserole dishes, or even a whole turkey. The door features a holder for a dozen eggs and a 1 balcony shelf.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

Blomberg958003 Side by Side Front Load Ventless Laundry Pair

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The conundrum of fitting laundry machines into small urban condos has proved a challenge for appliance makers. In the US, houses are generally larger than in Europe. Thus, in the suburbs, ever larger washer dryers have evolved. However, in the cities, it makes sense that brands that have been successful overseas would have an advantage in manufacturing compact and efficient machines. Blomberg is especially successful in Europe and this front load washer and electric dryer pair, each 24 inches, is an ideal solution for space-challenged homes.

Small Space, Big Laundry

The washer (WM98400SX2) can handle 2.5 cu ft. of laundry. Its ENERGY STAR certification comes about through its automatic water adjustment system which calculates the volume of laundry and only uses the water needed to wash the machine’s contents..

There are 16 different wash cycles. Each appropriate to clean everything from delicate linen shirts to muddy sportswear, all with the same consistently clean, precision-washed results.

When time is limited and a smaller load needs to be cleaned, there is a rapid wash cycle – Super Quick 20. This is perfect for hardly worn clothes meaning they won’t be over washed. There are similarly appropriate cycles for jogging wear, bedding, denim – all ensuring laundry is cleaned with appropriate care for each particular size, fabric and degree of soiling.

The Advantages Of Going Ventless

The corresponding electric dryer (DHP24412W) is ventless which immediately offers greater placement flexibility. Blomberg was among the earliest pioneers of the ventless heat pump. It means a 8.45 lb load will dry in less than 1 hr.

The heat pump uses a condenser system which drains away excess water in the tank thanks to water sensors in the tank. The closed loop heat exchange system used here dries clothes at a lower temperature which saves money and energy and protects clothes. It prevents shrinkage and allowing them to last longer. This particular model made ENERGY STAR’s Most Efficient list using 50% less energy than conventional dryers.

Care For Clothes

Despite its small size, the dryer can manage 4.1 cu.ft loads with numerous cycles for different fabrics. The gentle drum action of the dyer means clothes are handled with care. It smooths garments as they dry, allowing them to be wrinkle-free. The LCD controls are easy to use, with suggestions for the best results offered. The owner merely has to follow these prompts and press ‘start’.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

Jenn-AirJBC7624BS Built-In Coffee System

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Nothing screams millennial more than coffee. It makes sense that in lieu of multiple visits to a local coffee shop, owning a high-quality coffee maker will pay for itself within a year or so. This machine is a whole bean system, meaning it does it all, from storing coffee beans to grinding them before brewing and discarding the grounds into a separate compartment. This may well put local baristas out of work but will also save coffee connoisseurs a fortune in the long run.

Giving Coffeehouses A Run For Their Money

The frothing system is perfect for coffeehouse-style cappuccinos with the drinker’s caffeine concentration adjustable from mild to extra strong. A dual boiler system ensures that both coffee and espresso brewing temperatures can be maintained for maximum flavor.

Maintenance is a breeze with a removable brewing unit which can be cleaned and reinstalled. There is also a Descaling Mode which allows your machine to work optimally without limescale build-up. Multiple users can have coffee specifically catered to their own tastes with three temperature preferences.

More Than Coffee

A separate hot water dispenser means tea, hot chocolate can also be made quickly.

The removable/refillable water reservoir of this unit is favored by many because it means no plumbing is required during installation and a water filter doesn’t need to be installed. Instead, already filtered water can be added, which also means plumbing repairs will not be a concern.

If you’re curious about your caffeine intake or just like looking at numbers, a statistics function helps you keep track of system’s usage. Truly a machine that does it all.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

 Fisher Paykel |OS24NDB1 Electric Single Wall Steam Oven

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Fisher Paykel has made it their mission to go after a younger demographic. Their combination of high-quality products that are priced slightly beneath other premium brands makes them winners for millennials. Size matters with this compact 24-inch appliance that is ideal for smaller homes and condos. This steam electric single wall oven from the Contemporary Series features a built-in steam oven which is a must for healthy eating and taste, two aspects of gastronomy which have often been thought to be mutually exclusive.

More Flavor Less Calories

The steam oven comprises a refillable unit which requires no plumbing. Steam heat cooks food in their own juices, retaining nutrients and flavor. With no additional oil needed, the fat content is kept to a minimum. Clean up is easy. Just wipe with a dry cloth.

Easy To Use And Intense Heat

The oven is simple to use with an intuitive display that allows the oven to be used either as a traditional convection oven or in steam mode. In the former, True Convection circulates air providing an even heat distribution which means food can be cooked throughout uniformly, which is perfect for multi-shelf cooking. Conversely, the broil function delivers intense heat from the top down – namely the inner region of the upper heating element, making it perfect for browning and providing a crispy outer surface or grilling one or two portions of steak, fish or a chicken breast.

Other helpful features include a cool touch door, eliminating unwitting burns. A meat probe gives precise measurement food temperature, essential especially with meats for safe consumption and perfect doneness.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven

Cafe| CT9800SHSS Electric Double Wall Oven

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This electric double wall oven is robust, sizeable, and ideal for some serious entertaining. Its 6.7 cu. ft. total capacity combines conventional and speed oven with halogen heat.

The Power of Halogen Heat

The upper portion of the oven delivers halogen cooking power using Speedcook technology with almost instant heat, eliminating the need for pre-heating. The net result allows food to be cooked at two to four times faster than in a conventional oven. The upper oven has over 175 pre-programmed recipes to take the guesswork out of cooking. Everything from fish, fowl, rib roasts, mac and cheese, vegetables, and more can be handled with aplomb.

European Convection And Superior Baking

The lower oven utilizes true European convection which adds a third heating element and additional fans to circulate the heat resulting in a widespread uniform cooking. The heavy-duty oven racks can be self- cleaned using steam clean mode while the glass touch controls allow for fast operation of the appliance. The ten-pass bake element in the lower oven ensures fast and efficient baking of breads, muffins, pies and more. The eight-pass broil element (lower oven) does likewise for full surface area grilling for cheese on toast, fish, steaks and more.

MED302WS 30-inch double wall oven



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