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Introducing the New Fisher & Paykel Professional Series Ranges

Introducing the New Fisher & Paykel Professional Series Ranges

Fisher & Paykel cooking appliances are built to accommodate an entire world of diverse cultures, flavors and ingredients, and their Professional Series ranges are proof-positive of this. Just as food transforms throughout the cooking process, Fisher & Paykel ranges transform over time to perfectly combine every type of ingredient into a nutritious and delicious meal. Professional Series cooking units embody a stunning combination of bold aesthetics and commercial cooking power. These attributes work in concert to turn your residential kitchen into a culinary workspace where you can hone your inner sous-chef and prepare the very best dishes for friends and family. Let’s go through some notable features of these Fisher & Paykel ranges and learn how, for a limited time, you can receive a free dishwasher with your Professional Series cooking unit.

Fisher & Paykel Hybrid Cooktop Ranges

Fisher & Paykel Hybrid Cooktop Range

One of the most unique innovations of the Professional Series are the RHV3484L and RHV3484N hybrid cooktop ranges. These units come with four gas burners and four electric heating elements, accommodating a variety of cooking preferences. Sealed dual flow burners release up to 23,500 BTUs while the induction side delivers up to 3700W for powerful cooking or gentle simmering on either side of your cooktop. The gas side comes with smooth, durable continuous grates which allow for easy sliding of pots and pans across their combined surface. Each halo-illuminated dial glows when a burner or oven cavity is in use, which serves as both an eye-catching visual display as well as a convenient safety feature.

Touchscreen Interface

Select Professional Series ranges come with a touchscreen interface which tilts outward for optimal visibility of the intuitive, guided cooking experience it provides. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice cook, everyone can benefit from the step-by-step precision by which the oven prepares and monitors your food for perfect convection cooking results every time. Before you even begin cooking, the interface provides you with a list of ingredients for your favorite recipes. Once your filled cookware is ready to go in the oven, the display allows you to select the optimal doneness of your food and its ideal temperature upon completion. While cooking, the oven probe displays the current temperature of your food directly to the interface, removing the need for you to consistently open the oven door to check it, releasing heat. Once the probe registers that the meal has reached its ideal temperature, the interface alerts you that cooking is complete.

Easy to Clean

Fisher & Paykel Self Clean

Large cooking projects do not lead to large cleanup projects on your Fisher & Paykel range thanks to its pyrolytic self-cleaning function. This process utilizes high temperatures to reduce food residue to a fine ash which can be easily wiped away once the process is complete. No more bending and scrubbing to scrape away stubborn, caked-on food stains. Additionally, the side racks do not require removal before initiating the function, as they are constructed to be self-clean proof.

Free Dishwasher Promotion

Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher

For a limited time, when you purchase a new Fisher & Paykel freestanding range, you will receive a Series 5 DishDrawer™ dishwasher or Series 5 fully integrated dishwasher absolutely free. Each dishwashing unit is Energy Star certified, ADA compliant, and is a quiet performer that operates at a very low volume. Click here to see qualifying items and select your Fisher & Paykel range and dishwasher pair.