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Fisher & Paykel and Chef Ludo Lefebvre: An Ideal Culinary Match

Fisher & Paykel and Chef Ludo Lefebvre: An Ideal Culinary Match

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Fisher & Paykel's roots are that of a brand manufacturing appliances featuring sustainable production and supreme efficiency. Though they still cleave to those roots in a world that necessitates eco-friendliness, they've also been establishing themselves a go-to name for luxury. They've been succeeding at an astonishing pace. Fisher & Paykel is now uttered in the same breath as brands at the pinnacle of opulence.

But it's not merely technical brilliance and aesthetic beauty in products that evoke luxury. Public perception has a great deal to do with a brand's status. This is why, since 2014, Fisher & Paykel has been fostering a partnership with world renowned chef and television personality Ludo Lefebvre. He's been a staunch brand ambassador ever since.

Fisher Paykel Chef Ludo Lefebvre: Alain Passard, Ludo Lefebvre, and Pierre Gagnaire

Chef Ludo spent over a decade training to cook in France. His teachers were restaurant luminaries such as farm-to-table pioneer Alain Passard and three Michelin Star winner, Pierre Gagnaire. In 1996, his skills honed, Ludo brought his talents to Los Angeles and took the city by storm. Wasting no time, he was awarded the august Mobil Travel Guide Five Star Award three times at two different restaurants - L'Orangerie in 1999 and 2000 and Bastide in 2006.

Fisher Paykel Chef Ludo Lefebvre: LudoTruck and LudoBite

Ever the adventurous spirit, beginning in 2007 and over the next five years, Ludo would go on to earn the title of ?pop-up king?. In that time, he skipped between multiple cities with his brainchild, LudoBites. He?d set up shop in and dazzle palates with a wide range of dishes from striped bass, yuzu aioli, and garden vegetables, to brocamole with baked tortilla chips, to macarons, strawberries, and chantilly. These meals are remembered in awe. New York Times restaurant critic raved, "The first night eating all this was an amazement. The second was about ten times better ? each dish perfectly executed, with every flavor in place, every temperature correct, every plate a fully realized piece of art. It was only the fifth night the restaurant had been open." All the while Ludo continued to offer Angelenos top quality sustenance on the go by introducing LudoTruck in 2010. It was a mobile fried chicken joint so successful that it spawned a brick and mortar location in the STAPLES center, LudoBird.

Fisher Paykel Chef Ludo Lefebvre: Gas Cooktop, French Door Refrigerator, and Showroom Integrated Refrigerator

It's this willingness... no, that's the wrong word. It's this imperative to break conventional molds that has made Ludo Lefebvre the ideal voice for Fisher & Paykel. Said the brand's marketing manager at the beginning of the partnership, "Chef Ludo is one of the most influential chefs in the world, and is well known for his pioneering and revolutionary work in the culinary industry." They continued, "Chef Ludo and what he stands for align perfectly with the premium brand of Fisher & Paykel. Our goal is to provide products that fulfill the need and deliver on the promise to make life that little bit better."

Fisher Paykel Chef Ludo Lefebvre: Oven Bank and DishDrawer

To hear Ludo's opinion, it seems that Fisher & Paykel is keeping that promise. He says of their steam oven, "I have used steam ovens in the restaurants for years. We use steam ovens to cook food to retain its natural flavors, textures, and nutrients. It is so great to now have the option to use one at home." He especially likes that the Fisher & Paykel steam oven has nine modes, including true convection and broiling functions. About the brand's exclusive DishDrawers, he shares, "Dishes are my least favorite part of the day, but the Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer makes our lives easier by making it easy to do them since it's so easy to load and unload with the just the pull of a drawer."

Fisher Paykel Chef Ludo Lefebvre: Fisher & Paykel Kitchen and Trois Mec

Over the past five years of their affiliation, Fisher & Paykel and Chef Ludo Lefebvre have evolved together. In that time, Fisher & Paykel finds themselves becoming one of the top premium brands in the industry. Ludo hit new gastronomic heights with his current restaurant, Trois Mec being a must-go destination in LA and its spinoff, Petit Trois making him a James Beard Award finalist. Fisher & Paykel is changing the way we look at kitchen appliances, demonstrating that luxury appliances don?t have to mean excess consumption. Ludo has become an international star as a judge on the hit ABC show The Taste along with writing two successful cookbooks, "Crave" and "LudoBites". We wait with bated breath to see what they do next.

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