Everything You Need to Know About Wolf Smart Appliances

Wolf Smart Appliances
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If I told you 10 years ago that you could control your oven from your couch, you’d never believe it.  Thanks to Wolf, your oven’s controls are now with you everywhere you go.  Download the free Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App to your smartphone or tablet and you can easily manage your Wolf wall oven, even remotely.  With Bluetooth enabled, simply open the app and follow the on-screen instructions while standing within a few feet of your appliance to get started. Below, we’ll go over everything your Wolf smart appliances can do using the app.

Note: App requires iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 9 or higher, or Android phone running 4.3 or higher.

App Overview of Wolf Smart Appliances

App Overview of Smart Appliances

Above all, Sub-Zero’s app monitors the settings of your wall oven and controls a host of convenient preset modes.  Furthermore, remote service assistance and instant product software updates are available through the app. Please note, only E-Series ovens starting with serial number 17455000 and M-Series ovens starting with serial number 17459188 are designed to be “Connected Ready.”  “Connected Ready” refers to appliances capable of connecting to the app.

Remote Ready Feature for Wolf Smart Appliances

Remote Ready

Prior to remote operation, you must manually activate the remote ready feature on your wall oven.  Proof, Clean, Broil, Gourmet, and Convection Broil modes are not available using the remote ready feature at the present time.  However, they can be accessed from the app if started manually. Let’s go over the simple steps to activating the remote ready feature on your E-Series and M-Series ovens.

Remote Ready for E-Series Wall Oven

Wolf Smart Appliances: E-Series

To begin with, you will need to select UPPER/LOWER if your E-Series model is a double oven. If not, you may proceed normally by touching the cooking mode twice on your control panel.  After that, select your desired temperature using the number pad and hit ENTER.  Finally, open the oven door within 10 seconds and proceed to close it within 30 seconds.  Once “Remote Ready Mode” appears on the display, it will remain there until you access the oven from the app. Need to amend your oven settings?  Cancel the remote ready feature just by opening the door or touching any button on the control panel.

Note: Only one oven at a time can utilize the remote ready feature on double ovens.

Remote Ready for M-Series Wall Oven

Wolf Smart Appliances: M-Series

Begin by tapping Quick Start for your desired transitional or contemporary M-Series oven.  For professional models, you may proceed to select the cooking mode followed by the temperature.  After that, hold START on the control panel for three seconds and tap YES. Similar to the E-Series, finish by opening the oven door within 10 seconds and closing it within 30 seconds.  Once “Ready for Remote Start” appears on the display, it will remain there until you access the oven from the app. Cancel the remote ready feature just by opening the door or tapping CANCEL.

Wolf Smart Appliances App Functions

Temperature Probe

Here we will go over the various functions at your disposal with the app.  Firstly, the Probe feature allows you to adjust the probe settings directly from the app.  The app only controls the probe when it is inserted after the oven is started manually. For this reason, the remote ready feature cannot access the Probe feature.  Insert the probe into the thickest area of your food once the oven is preheated.  After that, use a potholder to lift the probe receptacle cover and insert the connector.  The probe is now ready to be used in conjunction with the app.

Oven Light

To close off, here is a helpful trio of additional features.  The Timer feature allows you to set a timer, view its duration, receive remaining time/complete notifications, and cancel it entirely.  The Lights function allows you to turn the interior lights on and off.  Product Information allows you to access the model/serial number and review the product warranty information.

As the digital age expands, smart appliances are putting the hustle and bustle of domestic life conveniently at your fingertips.  Stay tuned for future blogs where we will discuss Cove smart appliance capabilities with Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App.  Also, check out our previous blog to find out how to use the app with Sub-Zero appliances.


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