Everything You Need to Know About Sub-Zero Smart Appliances

Sub-Zero Smart Appliances
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Between work and a hodgepodge of other distractions, attending to our domestic responsibilities has become harrowing in the modern era.  True to its over 70-year legacy of consistent innovation, Sub-Zero once again leads the charge into modernity with smart appliances.  Download the free Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App to your smartphone or tablet and you can easily monitor your Sub-Zero appliances, even remotely.  With Bluetooth enabled, simply open the app and follow the on-screen instructions while standing within a few feet of your appliance to get started. Below, we’ll go over everything your Sub-Zero refrigerator can do using the app.

Note: App requires iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 9 or higher, or Android phone running 4.3 or higher.

App Capabilities of Smart Appliances

Sub-Zero Smart Appliances

Above all, Sub-Zero’s app serves to monitor the settings of your refrigerator and control a host of convenient preset modes.  Furthermore, remote service assistance and instant product software updates are available through the app. Please note, only built-in refrigerators starting with serial number 4530000 and integrated refrigerators starting with serial number 5700000 are designed to be “Connected Ready.”  “Connected Ready” refers to appliances capable of connecting to the app.

Notifications from Sub-Zero Smart Appliances

Smart Alliance Alerts

The hectic nature of your daily routine can easily distract you from pertinent issues that affect your refrigerator’s performance.  Notifications from your app alert you immediately to changes in your refrigerator’s status.  Consequently, you are notified if your door is left open for more than 5 minutes or the temperature setpoint changes.  You will even receive alerts when it is time to replace your water filter and air purification cartridge.  These items are crucial for removing contaminants and preventing food spoilage, hence Sub-Zero made them purchasable directly through the app.  Additionally, model/serial number, use and care, and product warranty information are available through the app.

App Only Modes

App Only Modes

Sub-Zero smart appliances possess specialized modes that are exclusive to the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App.  For example, High Usage mode increases energy consumption to enhance cooling performance and withstand frequent door openings.  Additionally, it maximizes ice production for a total of 8 hours by initiating Max Ice mode, which we’ll get into later.  Night Ice mode also produces ice but only from midnight to 6 A.M., reducing operating noise and energy consumption.

For periods away from home, the app includes a pair of vacation modes that minimize energy consumption and save you money on electricity.  Short Vacation mode is ideal for food preservation during a period of less than a week. In this mode, the freezer’s temperature increases by 5 degrees Fahrenheit from its current setpoint.  Additionally, the refrigerator is set to 34 degrees Fahrenheit, hence the removal of foods such as deli meats is not required.

In contrast, Long Vacation mode uses very low energy consumption and is intended for a 2 to 12 week period.  In the same fashion as Short Vacation mode, the freezer temperature increases by 5 degrees Fahrenheit from its current setpoint.  However, the refrigerator is set to 44 degrees Fahrenheit.  Consequently, all perishable food items should be removed.

Other Modes

Smartphone App

Two additional modes are controlled by the app but can be initiated manually.  Max Ice mode increases ice production by 40% for 24 hours but will only do so for 8 hours when activated through High Usage mode.  It should be noted that Max Ice mode will not turn off with High Usage mode if it was turned on at the control panel. 

Finally, Sabbath Mode allows your refrigerator to operate through the sabbath while remaining Star-K compliant.  This is done by disabling off all lights and other electrical activity that would activate the compressor.  To activate in the app, go to My Appliances, then tap the appliance.  Next, tap the radio button next to SABBATH and hit Save.

As the digital age expands, smart appliances are putting the hustle and bustle of domestic life conveniently at your fingertips.  Stay tuned for future blogs where we will discuss Wolf and Cove smart appliance capabilities with Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App.


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