Everything You Need to Know About Cove Smart Appliances

Cove Smart Appliances
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After a satisfying meal, the last thing anyone wants is to stand over a dishwasher and fiddle with the controls.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could set a wash cycle and know when it’s done without leaving your couch? Download the free Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App to your smartphone or tablet and you can easily manage your Cove dishwasher, even remotely.  With Bluetooth enabled, simply open the app and follow the on-screen instructions while standing within a few feet of your appliance to get started.  Below, we’ll go over everything your Cove smart appliances can do using the app.

Note: App requires iPhone 6 or newer running iOS 9 or higher, or Android phone running 4.3 or higher.

App Overview of Cove Smart Appliances

Sub-Zero Group Owner's App

Above all, Sub-Zero’s app monitors the settings of your dishwasher and controls a host of convenient preset modes.  Furthermore, remote service assistance and instant product software updates are available through the app. Even your unit’s serial number and manual are available for viewing.  Unlike Sub-Zero and Wolf products, every Cove appliance is designed to be “Connected Ready.”  “Connected Ready” refers to appliances capable of connecting to the app.

Remote Ready Feature for Cove Smart Appliances

Cove Smart Appliances: Remote Ready

Preparing your Cove smart appliances to use the remote ready feature is quick and easy.  Firstly, select the desired wash cycle and options on the dishwasher or from the app.  After that, press and hold ENTER on the dishwasher for 5 seconds.  Once prompted by the dishwasher user interface, close the dishwasher door within 4 seconds and the process is complete. Need to reset your dishwasher’s settings?  Cancel the remote ready feature at any time simply by opening the door.

App Notifications and Alerts for Cove

Cove Smart Appliances Notifications

It can be a pain to discover you forgot to start your dishwasher or need to refill necessary supplies last minute. Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App sends a host of notifications to your smartphone or tablet to avoid these awkward situations.  Furthermore, these notifications are purely informational, disappear when the app is opened, and function in the following ways.  Anytime the dishwasher door is opened, “Dishwasher door is open” will notify you so you can close it.  Additionally, “Wash cycle has started” indicates each time a cycle begins or is restarted after being interrupted. That way, you don’t have to play guessing games to know if your dishwasher is carrying out your commands.  The app can even enable or disable notifications.

Water Softener and Rinse Aid Compartments

Similar to notifications, alerts will appear on the app indicating that an action must be taken.  They will only disappear once the required action is completed and the issue is resolved. Alerts typically focus on dishwasher products that must be replenished for optimal performance.  When either the water softener or rinse aid is near empty, you will receive “Water softener reached low level” or “Rinse aid reached low level” respectively.  This is ideal for preventing you from having to rush out to the store just before a large dinner you are preparing.

Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App Cove Features

Cove Dishwasher Features

Although notifications are useful, the primary advantage of smart appliances is their remote control capability. Choose from over 12 wash cycles and options currently available in Cove units to give your dinnerware the perfect shine.  Before, during, and after selecting a cycle, the status of your dishwasher can be monitored from the app.  For instance, you can view the rinse aid level at any time.  That way, you never have to wait for an alert to know when you’re running low. It is paramount you monitor rinse aid if spotless dinnerware is your goal.  This surfactant prevents water from forming droplets and drains it in thin sheets, diminishing spots from mineral residue left behind.

Cove Smart Appliances Special Modes

Special modes are also available through the app but cannot be on at the same time. Firstly, Child Lock prevents accidental opening of the dishwasher by children.  To activate, touch and hold Heavy for approximately 10 seconds until “Child Lock: On” appears on the display.  Secondly, Sabbath Mode allows your dishwasher to remain on throughout the sabbath while remaining Star-K compliant.  To activate, touch and hold Quick for approximately 10 seconds until “Sabbath” appears on the display. Repeat these methods to turn each of these modes off.  Both modes remain on even during a power outage, so you never have to worry about resetting them during emergencies.

As the digital age expands, smart appliances are putting the hustle and bustle of domestic life conveniently at your fingertips.  Check out our previous blogs to find out how to use the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s App with Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances.


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