By April Khan

When purchasing appliances for your commercial kitchen, cost and brands aren’t the only factors to consider.

Running a commercial kitchen is tough work, and on the back end — the accounting end — it’s also quite expensive. Food costs, shipping fees, employee salaries, taxes, marketing — it’s all inevitable, but there is one thing that can be trimmed back considerably — your energy costs.

Sure, you need those lights shining and those signs flickering, but do you really need to pay what you’re dishing out on energy?

Energy Star Certified Commercial Foodservice Equipment

Did you know that the average restaurant consumes 5 to 7 times more electricity per square foot than a retail store? That’s one heck of a bill! Luckily, Energy Star Certified appliances can cut your utility bill. But how?

The main difference between ESC appliances and standard CFSE is that they are manufactured to do things more efficiently. Here are some of the things you should know about Energy Star Certified food service appliances.

Energy Star Certified Ovens

Energy Star Certified Commercial Ovens save between 20 to 30 percent more energy when in use than regular ovens. While it is true that many of these ESC ovens heat up faster and spread heat much more efficiently than a regular commercial oven, these aren’t the only factors that earn the Energy Star accolade.

These energy saving commercial ovens meet the Energy Star standards for both minimum cooking energy efficiency and maximum idle energy rates. This means that the energy absorbed by the food is higher than the energy used to start the process of cooking.

NOTE: An average electric commercial oven has a 65 percent cooking energy efficiency rate, whereas the Energy Star Certified one has an energy efficiency rate of 70 percent.

Energy Star Certified Refrigerators

This is the most important appliance in your commercial kitchen without a doubt. Keeping your fresh and frozen goods at just the right temperature makes the difference between good quality meals and subpar ones. Since it is used constantly throughout the day and night, it pulls more energy than any other appliance.

Unlike consumer Energy Star Certified refrigerators that mainly take space and temperature into consideration, commercial grade ESC refrigerators factor in:

  • frequent openings
  • fast cooling of hot foods
  • humid / warm external temperature (which would warm up the gallery each time the door is opened)

NOTE: Thanks to an ECM evaporator, a stronger condenser fan motor, hot gas anti-sweat heaters and more, commercial grade ESC refrigerators are 40 percent more energy efficient than standard models.

Energy Star Certified Griddles

The much-coveted griddle! You wouldn’t believe how much energy a griddle uses to not only heat up, but also to stay at a consistent temperature. An Energy Star Certified commercial griddle heats up quicker and distributes heat faster earning it a 10 percent higher efficiency rate than a standard model. It also saves up to $120 per year in energy costs.

In conclusion…

Investing in Energy Star Certified commercial foodservice appliances can save you as much as $1,000 per year in energy savings! That’s money you could use to reinvest in yourself, or take a much-needed vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Appliances Connection to browse our large catalog of Commercial grade appliances and furniture.

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