thermadorkitchenA modern, professional styled kitchen begins with Appliances Connection. Get connected and start today. No matter the size of your kitchen, there are product options to accommodate from a compact styled kitchen to spacious abodes. Add a little luxury in your kitchen with a professional styled cooking appliance.

Thermador produces a complete award winning kitchen. Their kitchen appliances are superb for those with a higher culinary pursuit. Thermador is a critically acclaimed brand, earning an award in design for every integral appliance in the kitchen. They are excellent for the host or hostess who love to entertain guests on the weekends or holidays. Everyone loves a great dinner party and Thermador brand kitchen appliances paves the way for the perfect get-together. Looking for an impeccable Thermador kitchen? Call one of our experienced sales representatives today @ 800-299-9470

thermadoronetwofreeThermador ONE-TWO-FREE® Rebate

thermador-septkitchendesignAppliances Connection is proud to offer premium professional styled kitchen appliances. Plan your dream kitchen with Thermador. Get closer to owning your ideal home kitchen with Thermador’s One-Two-Free rebate. Start with a cooking appliance package and get a free dishwasher. Add a refrigeration unit and get even more.

For discerning folks who require an effective space saving premium kitchen appliance bundle, consider the following:

thermador PRG304GHThe Thermador PRG304GH 30″ Gas Freestanding Range with 4 Burners provides a professional styled culinary experience without taking up much room. Incorporating robust and sleek stainless steel paneling, Thermador ranges are built tough and easier to clean by being resistant to food residue. The central part of any home kitchen is a good range and the PRG304GH freestanding range is nice starting point.

prg304gh-baseNotable Features:

  • Thermador’s Exclusive Patented Star Burner: Offering a unique five-point design, this burner reduces cold spots with high flame outputs promoting faster boil times while fully capable of precise 100° simmers for delicate sauces and similar.
  • Quick Clean Base: With the elevated pedestal burner design, Thermador ranges are easier to clean underneath the burners without much effort.

MBESContinue with a state-of-the-art Thermador MBES Built-in Microwave Oven with 1200 Cooking Watts, designed to fit flush with existing cabinetry. This powerful microwave with 2.1 cubic feet of capacity is a useful addition to a compact kitchen. Offering a distinct blue light digital display with scrolling text and premium glass touch control, the MBES built-in microwave from Thermador is more luxurious convenience appliance.

Notable Features:

  • Microwave Inverter Technology: Inventive microwave heating technology allows for more consistent cooking coverage.
  • Smart Sensor: Automatically adjust cooking level and cook time by measuring interior cavity humidity, ensuring your food comes out right.
  • Automatic Beverages Reheat Option: Take the guesswork out with precise cooking time and cooking level predetermined with this easy to use feature.

T24UR820DS (1)Add a space effective 24″ UL Certified Under Counter Double Drawer Refrigerator with 5 cu. ft. Capacity from Thermador. Think of the ease-of-use with one of their non-traditional compact undercounter refrigerator T24UR820DS. Designed with the use of not one, but two drawers, the double drawer refrigerator incorporates a practical approach in quick visual access and ease of use than the other traditional refrigerators in this category. Additionally, the T24UR820DS double drawer refrigerator includes all LED interior lighting with electronic controls for precise temperature control.

T24UR820DSNotable Features:

  • Customizable Cooling Modes: Select three different cooling modes. One for every day food items. Another for warmer pantry items or cellar mode for red wines. The third for bar mode keeping beverages super-chilled and ready to drink.
  • SoftClose Drawers: If you’re one of those folks who subconsciously slams the refrigerator door without giving a second thought about it, then SoftClose drawers were designed with you in mind. They feature an innovative hinge and slide mechanism to gently and automatically close each refrigerator drawer. This effectively eliminates untimely wear and tear.
  • Customizable Drawer Dividers & Shelving: Fully customize your refrigerator storage the way you want it. With easy to remove and completely adjustable aluminum dividers, they can be readjusted to create custom shelving to fit your food items the way you require it.

DWHD440MFMAnd finally, receive a FREE Thermador DWHD440MFM 24″ Built-in Fully Integrated Dishwasher to complete a full compact kitchen renovation. This premium dishwasher comes with 4 wash cycles and the capacity for 15 place settings.

TDWHD440MFMopenNotable Features:

  • Impressively Quiet: Advanced noise reduction engineering rates this built-in dishwasher at a mere 48 dBA which is about as loud as a normal conversation from 3 feet away.
  • Sens-A-Wash: No wasted resources and energy with this practical feature. This washer is capable of automatically detecting the level of dish soil and adjusts wash cycles to accommodate accordingly.
  • Extra Tall Item Sprinkler: Able to accommodate up to 22” in height items to be washed effectively.
  • NSF certified: National Sanitation Foundation is an accredited certification of food related items deemed food safe. NSF certified washers are able to effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria.

Owning your perfect home kitchen is easier and more affordable with this great rebate. Learn more about Thermador’s One-Two-Free rebate by calling us today @ 800-299-9470

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