electroluxwasherdryerluxcare2Appliances Connection is offering the best washer on the market. Electrolux LuxCare™ washing machines are able to achieve the cleanest laundry than all leading competitors in the industry. With an added incentive to own the washer that is set to change the game and reinvigorate the way we do laundry, Appliances Connection is offering up to $300 rebate on a qualifying laundry pair purchase. Take advantage on special savings with a new Electrolux washer & dryer pair promoting a revolutionary new clean like never before.

fom71clsSince 1969, Electrolux created the standard test for all washers within the industry to be measured against. The Wascator FOM71 CLS is the reference for all washing performance to measure the capability of stain removal. After hundreds of tests and hundreds of hours, the new Electrolux LuxCare washers outperformed all top leading brands in washer performance. They are also protected with an option to upgrade to a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts at no cost, provided the product is registered with Electrolux within 60 days of purchase.

electrolux luxcare controlpanelThe new Electrolux Luxcare™ washers come with SmartBoost technology, a never before used implementation on laundry care until now. In a completely separate chamber, Electrolux’s SmartBoost technology premixes your preferred detergent, fabric softener, and/or stain treater with water to activate and release the full potential of its effectiveness to achieve a clean like never before. Electrolux also earned top honor earlier this year at KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) when they were awarded Best in Show for their new LuxCare washers. A prestigious achievement, Electrolux LuxCare washers are poised to set a new standard once again, within the laundry care industry.

electrolux luxcare dispenserElectrolux new washers provides the fastest clean for lightly soiled, everyday outfits.

400 Series model: 20 minutes fast wash

500 Series model: 18 minutes fast wash

600 Series model: 15 minutes fast wash

Second Floor Guarantee

Electrolux LuxCare™ washers & dryers proudly feature Electrolux’s exclusive Perfect Balance™ system to guarantee a no vibration system even if installed on the second floor of your home.

electrolux luxcare washdrumWash Cycles by New Electrolux LuxCare


Heavy Duty: Perfect for heavy garments like jeans, towels, gym clothes and similar. Power cleaning performance with Heavy Duty cycle for heavily soiled, durable garments. Get the cleanest laundry with this cycle. Best when using the safest recommended hot water for fabrics.


Whitest White: Great for whites and similar off white laundry. Best when using the safest recommended application of chlorine bleach.


Normal: The standard cycle for most laundry. Best for all regular laundry and similar cottons and linens. Recommended on anything from towels to everyday outfits and mixed loads.


Delicate: This cycle is used for any fabric susceptible to damage such as knitted fabrics, delicates and other garments that require hand washing.


Rinse & Spin: A great option for cold water rinses or fabric softener in case it was forgotten during the wash cycle instead of starting a new cycle. Fabric softener should be added to the correct dispenser chamber conveniently located at the top of the machine and automatically dispensed.


Sanitize on select models allow for the removal of 99.9% of germs and bacteria preventing residual bacteria from carrying over. It is recommended to set your home water heater to 120° to maximize the effectiveness without the use of additional bleach or other chemicals.


Clean Washer: To prevent a residual smells or soil buildup, this cycle is recommended by adding bleach to an empty wash drum and will eliminate odor or residue.


Perfect Steam: On select models, this is a nice option to improve stain removal of heavily soiled laundry. This cycle will add a 20 minute tumble through steam.


Extra Rinse: This feature is good for effectively removing more traces of detergent on washed laundry or heavily soiled garments.


Wrinkle Release: To prevent wrinkles, this feature is performed after the final spin to loosen garments lingering on the side of the wash drum.


Extended refresh found on select models will keep loads that have remained inside the machine for whatever reason and will use a rinse plus spin cycle to keep the laundry load fresh. This cycle will continue to operate on intervals for up to 12 hours. Pressing “cancel” during an extended refresh operation will stop the cycle.


Delay Start: A beneficial feature to offset peak energy hours or for whatever time constraints, this option allows a delayed start from anywhere to half an hour to 12 hours.


Lock: A convenient option to disallow any tampering with the controls.

Electrolux-Lifestyle1New Stain Treatment Features

StainTreat – 400 Series

This feature will provide a quick initial wash to certain wash cycles to use any stain treatment cleaner or detergent within the Pre-Wash chamber. The chosen wash cycle will begin after the StainTreat cycle is over.

StainTreat II – 500 Series

A more advanced solution available, this feature allows for specific stain treatment using the most effective technique based of empirical data. The StainTreat II cycle incorporates any stain treatment additive and primary detergent and continuously treat tough stains for 20 minutes before the main wash cycle. Some of the unique new features used with StainTreat II as follows:

  • Any Stain: Built-in boost heater will redistribute the premixed stain treating solution throughout the entire laundry load.
  • Blood: This option will take into account of the requirement of cold temperature water to treat blood stains by not using the heat booster to eliminate, but also prevent the blood stain from setting into fabric.
  • Chocolate: Heat boost will be used to effectively remove chocolate stains from dirty laundry.

StainSoak – 600 Series

In addition to having all the StainTreat II features, StainSoak uses Electrolux’s exclusive SmartBoost technology in providing a third chamber to effectively premix detergent and stain treatment additives to fully release their cleaning power to provide for the best clean.

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