Electrolux IQ Touch EI30GF45QS


By April Khan, Appliances Connection

Built-in Look without the extra expenses!

If you?re like me, you?ve probably wished for the day when you could get that built-in kitchen upgrade that you always wanted! Unfortunately, some of us just don?t have the space or money to invest in that scale of a renovation.

But wait?before your dream bubble pops, Electrolux has the perfect solution!

?Introducing the Electrolux EI30GF45QS!

This model has everything you could ever want in a range, with the added bonus of seamlessly blending in with your countertops. That?s right! It?s a freestanding range that appears to be built-in once installed. But that isn?t even the best feature of this range?

Continuous Gas Grates


I love cooking with gas, but I hate having to move hot stainless steel cooking vessels from one burner to another. This is the absolute worst! My pot never quite makes it (especially when a boil over is inevitable and I didn?t have time to grab my mitts). That?s why I love the cooktop on this range. It has a continuous gas grate, so you can easily slide your pots and pans from one burner to the next without having to lift anything.

Multiple Cooking Modes for the Perfect Meal Every Time

First, I?ll begin by squealing in elation because this range has a convection function! I love baking with convection ? it keeps my cakes from cooking too fast on one side (every baker?s nightmare). And there?s not just one convection function, there are three: convection broil, convection bake and convection roast. You know, just to make cooking more precise! The four additional cooking functions found on the Electrolux EI30GF45QS are: bake, broil, warm and slow cook.

Front Control

To maintain a modern feel, the burner knobs are in front of the oven. It also contains a digital LED touch panel between the knobs (IQ Touch). This panel allows you to set the timer, special cooking functions and the oven?s cleaning cycle.

Oval Burner

Do you really want to grill your steak on a round burner? Oval burners make it much easier to heat oblong or rectangular pans. This way the heat distributes evenly throughout the pan ? so no more disappointing fish or steak! The oval burner is located in the middle of the four standard burners.

If you want to keep your meat warm while the other dishes finish?there?s even better news.

Warmer Drawer

Yes! There?s a warmer drawer. This drawer is designed to maintain the temperature of your dishes until you?re ready to serve them. The drawer is located at the bottom of the range.

Built-in Temperature Probe


Now you can check the temperature of your roast without removing it from the oven or using a secondary thermometer. This particular range has a thermometer built-in called the Perfect Taste Temp Probe. To use it, simply insert it into your uncooked meat or poultry and turn your oven on. When the temperature reaches the right ?doneness? it will automatically switch the oven into a warming mode. It will also send you an alert to let you know it?s done.

Luxury Glide Oven Rack

Okay, surely I can?t be the only one who ever had an oven rack mishap. You know, the one where you pull out the rack just a tad in order to grab your dish and it just isn?t far enough. So you pull it out a little more, scoot the dish to the front, then wham! That hot yummy meal meets its enemy ? the floor. Thank goodness for better racks. The Electrolux EI30GF45QS contains oven racks that are on a ball bearing system, so you can smoothly extend it without the back popping up and jolting your dish.

Keep it Warm

Not ready to serve yet, but you don?t want your food to cool off? Use the Keep Warm setting. This setting is designed to maintain the temperature of the food (much like the warming drawer). This is really an added bonus since you can?t cram it all into one drawer.


Self-cleaning is the best cook?s tool since the knife. Clearly, we all love cooking, but we DON?T all love cleaning. In fact, the thought of scrubbing an oven makes my knees ache. ?Thankfully, Electrolux is giving our knees a break. Yay, self-cleaning!

A few additional specifications you?ll see in the Electrolux EI30GF45QS are:
  • Sabbath Mode (Star-K Certified)
  • ADA Compliant
  • CSA Approval
  • Oven Light
  • Cast Iron Grates
  • Cobalt Blue Interior
  • Gas Cooktop

All in all, I am really excited about the Electrolux IQ Range (as you can tell). If you want one of your own, visit Appliances Connection. We carry the above mentioned range and many more products within the Electrolux IQ-Touch Series.

From now until July 15th?we?re running an Independence Day Sale on select Electrolux products (which includes this range). You can save up to $1,300 plus an additional 10%
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