Large built-in refrigeration models have become the peak of culinary luxury in our homes. Their simple and fully-integrated design makes them stand out because they totally blend in. These have been on the market for a while now, but earlier this year Dacor introduced their contender in the built-in column refrigeration market. The stand-out factor for these appliances is that Dacor models are the only column refrigerators and column freezers available in black stainless steel!

The Dacor Heritage Column Refrigerators and Freezers are available in 36″, 30″, 24 and 18″ models. This makes them a god choice for smaller spaces that want the luxury design previously reserved for large homes. The fridges and freezers are available in Silver Stainless, Custom Panel Ready, and the new Black Stainless (or “Graphite”) finish options. Dacor’s chosen to go with a “less is more” aesthetic for this line by keeping the inside simple and spacious, and hiding the control panel. Below you’ll find a convenient chart with the model number for each size option in both the refrigerator column and the freezer column. You can click on the link to see the listing and all the information we have available for each specific product.





Column Refrigerators Dacor DRR36980RAP Dacor DRR30980RAP Dacor DRR24980RAP Dacor DRZ18980RAP
Column Freezers Dacor DRZ36980LAP Dacor DRZ30980LAP Dacor DRZ24980LAP Dacor DRZ18980LAP


The Dacor Heritage Column Refrigerators come with interior cameras built into the door so you can access the contents of your fridge from your phone anywhere, anytime. The Fridge is available in an exclusive Black Stainless Steel as an industry first for column refrigerators.

The features of the refrigerators are reminiscent of some of the industry’s current best refrigeration features. The refrigerators are WiFi-enabled and have cameras positioned in the interior so that you can remotely view the inside of your fridge when you’re shopping to make sure you’ve gotten everything you need at the grocery store. This is a feature we loved from the Samsung RF22K9581SG Family Hub refrigerators and we’re happy to see it in this sleek, built-in model. It also has a nifty dual-opening system for the door so you can pull it open or push it and it’ll open for you. We think you’d get the most use out of these Easy Open Doors during the holiday season when those massive turkeys need to be handled with both hands. There’s also a Flex Zone Drawer in the refrigerator column that gives you the option to adjust the temperature of this individual section so you can store drinks and deli products, among other things, at the best temperature setting. The refrigerator columns also have dual ice makers— one for standard ice and another for slower-melting cocktail ice. This feature, like the Easy Open push doors, encourages home entertainment and big family gatherings or parties with friends (so you can put those cocktail ice cubes to good use)!

Dacor DRR36980RAP 36" Built-In Counter Depth All Refrigerator with 21.5 cu. ft. Capacity available in stainless steel, panel-ready, and a Dacor-exclusive black stainless steel.
Dacor DRR36980RAP 36″ Built-In Counter Depth All Refrigerator with 21.5 cu. ft. Capacity

The technology in the Heritage Columns is designed in the same “less is more” style as the exterior. Dacor’s SpaceMax technology minimizes insulation thickness to maximize the total capacity. Aside from the looks and extra features, this fridge and freezer system performs like it should and is designed to minimize temperature fluctuations to keep your food at constant temperatures for optimal preservation. Speaking of optimal preservation, this is the greenest refrigeration system of its kind. The columns are Energy Star certified and have an EPA award-winning refrigerant that minimizes the environmental impact of the unit. Not only does it preserve your food, but it also preserves the planet!

We’re happy to be one of the first to break the news of this great new color option to you! It’s a great fit for the culinarian looking to make their kitchen more edgy and modern. This news is so new that there are currently no photos from Dacor of these models with the new finish so keep an eye out on our social media pages (linked above on our header) to get updates on this new design!


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