CVI_5446_Evite_v2.1-830x350-830x350Appliances Connection is happy to announce Crown Verity celebrates their 25th Anniversary as a premier outdoor living product manufacturer. With their humble start in 1991 from Ontario, Canada, Crown Verity has evolved into an industry leader in manufacturing extraordinary outdoor grills and accessories across the North American market. They are designed for folks who take their grilling seriously. From your outdoor Grill Masters to outdoor food catering specialists, Crown Verity brand of outdoor grills is a good investment to reliably get the job done.

2016CV25th-345-1024x683Appliances Connection is pleased to offer an extensive lineup of fine outdoor living products by Crown Verity. Our partnership is built around the vision in offering the best quality products and services to the consumer. The collaboration is built upon the foundation of uncompromising commitment in helping the customer achieve their goals. For the grilling enthusiast, Crown Verity outdoor grills provide precision and control that they are after in a quality grill.

2016CV25th-32-1024x683Exceptional Crown Verity outdoor living products start with commercial outdoor grills, liquid propane grills, charcoal grills, moving onwards with patio heaters, refrigerators, sinks, and many other related high quality equipment. Crown Verity is designed to outperform and exceed expectations when it comes to outdoor living products. They are dedicated to continually improve and innovate their outdoor grills with the latest engineering and manufacturing technology. Utilizing the best components with the high grade 304 stainless steel, every Crown Verity outdoor grill is built to withstand the harshest weather conditions anywhere. Appliances Connection wishes another quarter century of continued success in creating unforgettable outdoor living experiences.

CVMCB48RDPHost your next outdoor party with gusto while making good use of Crown Verity’s CVMCB48RDP 48″ Liquid Propane Mobile Grill with 15000 BTU Burner Capacity with Roll Dome. This larger outdoor grill is very accommodating for entertaining big birthday parties, backyard barbeques or even catering events. The CVMCB48RDP is the perfect grill for grilling enthusiasts who require their grill to outperform their expectations with no nonsense, straight to the point high grilling performance.

70c18ade66aaeb2554a7d6b40646925f156782a44d8bdb272209472e0c1b35a9Crown Verity provides some of the best professional grills in the industry. They are adamant in having every building component meticulously tested to ensure durability and ease of use. They attribute their success with outdoor grills on the following:

  1. Arrives Assembled: Each Crown Verity grill is received fully assembled, which means no time is wasted putting together your grill. Instead, just unpack your grill and connect to gas or liquid propane and get to grilling.
  2. Power & Efficiency: Optimal grilling with independent 15,000 BTU burners capable of reaching full cooking temperature in less than six minutes. Also, Crown Verity grills provide quick heat recovery during grill sessions.
  3. Quality Materials: Crown Verity ensures a tough outdoor grill that can withstand the harshest weather environments. Every premium grill incorporates the highest quality in materials with 18-gauge 304 rating stainless steel with a #4 finish. This ensures your grill is built to last.
  4. Precision & Control: Quick and responsive controls are a staple with Crown Verity outdoor grills with manual lighter tube ignition acting as a pilot light. Their grills are designed to turn on and off instantly while being able to offer precise heat in specific locations.
  5. Maximum Mobility: Oversized, heavy-duty wheels provides a responsive movement from place to place. Additionally, lockable casters ensure a rigid stationary position for when it’s time to grill.
  6. Accessorize with Ease: Every Crown Verity outdoor grill is equipped to support a full array of accessories including shelves, rotisseries and steam pan adapters.

Many more premium outdoor living products by Crown Verity in the following link:

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