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Creating Synergy can Improve the Results of Teamwork

Creating Synergy can Improve the Results of Teamwork

Strong communication amongst your team members can result in a high level of commitment to the organization, each other, and the team's responsibilities. To create Synergy, designers and builders must communicate properly, and everyone on the team must know the objective and goal of the remodeling project. Define plans to understand the working process, build a strong working relationship amongst your team members, establish and maintain clear communication, and start your project. Collaborating and communicating between designers and sharing information on the client's vision about their dream house is crucial. If you want to establish clear communication between your team members, you must set expectations and define the work process. The working relationship between designer, builder, architect, and client must come down to a compromise.

Synergy at Appliances Connection

The 50 Hicks Residence

Appliances Connection’s decades of service has helped us to understand the importance of synergy in improving worker collaboration and customer satisfaction. We are not simply an appliance retailer. We are a one stop shop for appliances, cabinetry, and interior design consultation services. Our dedicated team of in-house designers work together on a daily basis to discover new and exciting trends, sharing knowledge with their peers, and ensuring anyone on their team can get the job done in a way that reflects the very best on our company’s reputation. But don’t take our word for it. See the results for yourself in this beautiful Brooklyn Heights home which won our in-house designer, Abdel Tarchid, a Designer of Distinction award from Viking.


Create an atmosphere where all the team members feel comfortable communicating with each other about the upcoming project. Keep everyone in the loop to avoid misunderstanding and ensure that everyone is aware of customers' wants and needs. Send photos, videos, and notes to keep everyone on your team on track of the daily activities.

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