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New Summit Refrigeration with Antimicrobial Copper Handles

New Summit Refrigeration with Antimicrobial Copper Handles

Drawing from their experience during the global pandemic, Summit Appliances together with its partner medical division, Accucold, are on the frontlines to provide you with cold storage units that minimize the spread of germs. That’s why refrigerators and freezers with antimicrobial copper handles are now amongst their offerings. Copper is one of the most effective metals at destroying and neutralizing harmful disease-spreading microbes. This is ideal for customers who want to minimize disease transmission in homes, work office breakrooms and in medical offices where medical staff interact with countless vulnerable patients daily.

Antimicrobial Design


Copper is a heavy metal that abides by the oligodynamic effect, which indicates it possesses biocidal properties. This means copper contains an active substance that destroys, renders harmless, prevents the action of and otherwise exerts a controlling effect on harmful organisms. Additionally, copper surfaces kill bacteria faster than their stainless steel counterparts. It is even known to kill coronaviruses in as little as four hours. You might be wondering, ‘What about copper’s efficacy in killing other diseases?” Multiple studies have been conducted to test copper’s ability to neutralize dangerous diseases. It was found that copper killed Salmonella in four hours, MRSA in 45 minutes and the bacteria that can lead to pneumonia in one hour.

Enduring Bacteria-Fighting Power


Time and exposure does nothing to interfere with copper’s effectiveness at fighting bacteria. The more copper is touched and wiped down, the more it will transition to the greenish hue characteristic of oxidization. Never fear, this chemical reaction is merely a superficial change to your copper handle’s exterior. Your copper handles will still be able to render microbes harmless in a matter of hours as they did when their exterior was pure copper.

Please Note: oxidized copper is not corroded. In fact, the outer layer of oxidized copper protects the pure copper beneath from corrosion. This is why copper is so ideal for usage in roofing, water pipes and in healthcare settings.

Step-to-Open Door Pedal Feature


Still a bit anxious about touching door handles others have used? Now there is a way for you to have hands-free convenience to eliminate the spread of germs in busy facilities thanks to the step-to-open door pedal. Available on select Accucold models, this convenient pedal opens the door of your unit with a simple step. The pedal is spring loaded so that the door can open up to 90 degrees with additional force. This feature is extremely convenient for staff trying to access refrigeration contents with their hands full. Additionally, a bold yellow finish stands out to prevent accidents in high-traffic environments.


Safe, sanitary refrigeration is in demand now more than ever. Check out Summit and Accucold refrigeration with antimicrobial copper handles today to see how they can keep your home or office free from germs.