Samsung has been using its platform as the top technology company in the world to provide customers with a completely integrated smart home. They advanced this goal by leaps and bounds when, in 2016, they introduced their line of Family Hub refrigerators. Their signature feature is a large wif-fi enabled touchscreen which has become a huge hit with those who’ve had experience with them.

Free Ring Video Doorbell Pro When Purchasing a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

When first introduced, the screen was a bit of a novelty. It could be used as a whiteboard, a calendar, and could operate in tandem with internal cameras to view the contents of the refrigerator. Some interactivity with Samsung smartphones was available. However, with every succeeding iteration, the touchscreen became more and more connected. Compatibility with a growing number of Samsung and third-party products has evolved it into a control panel for virtually the entire home. In addition to interacting with Samsung appliances such as monitoring the cycles in an AddWash washing machine or commanding a POWERbot vacuum to begin cleaning a room, users are able to check on a sleeping child in the next room, control a thermostat, and so much more.

Ring Video Doorbell Offer

Samsung has now partnered with Ring to even further the Family Hub refrigerator’s integration with the home. For a limited time, when you purchase a qualifying Family Hub Refrigerator, you’ll get a Ring Video Doorbell Pro for free (with mail-in/online rebate, a $249.00 value).

Free Ring Video Doorbell Pro When Purchasing a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Have you ever experienced frantically juggling tasks in the kitchen and suddenly being interrupted by someone at the front door? Do you want to make sure this is never a problem again? When you have a Ring Video Doorbell Pro working in tandem with the Samsung Family Hub, you’ll be able to see, hear, and speak to anyone at your door on the refrigerator’s touchscreen. Act now and see, as always, how Samsung can make your life easier.

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