Comparing High-End Italian Ranges – Bertazzoni vs Ilve

High-End Italian Ranges
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Many appliance brands are running headlong into the trend of packing their new releases with the newest, shiniest technological innovations. Touchscreens, smart device connectivity, and the like. There was a time when food preparation was a more deliberate affair. Intuition rather than automated features made one a great home cook. Bertazzoni and Ilve have not forgotten, which is why their high-end Italian ranges combine straightforward functionality with old-world aesthetics. Below, we’ll compare the Bertazzoni 36-inch freestanding dual fuel range (PROF366DFSART) and the Ilve 36-inch freestanding dual fuel range (UPN90FDMPVSX).


Bertazzoni 36-Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range (PROF366DFSART)

Bertazzoni’s Appearance

High-End Italian Ranges: Bertazzoni

Bertazzoni is known for infusing their products with signature Italian design. This Professional Series range is no different with its bold high-gloss Arancio Orange finish. For even more eye-catching appeal, the oven door handle and control knobs are crafted with dazzling stainless steel. Said knobs are exceedingly ergonomic and clearly indicate oven and cooktop settings. Unlike digital displays common among other brands, this range keeps things simple with an analog oven temperature indicator.

Bertazzoni’s Cooktop

Bertazzoni's Cooktop

The Bertazzoni range’s cooktop is a powerhouse of food preparation. Under continuous, heavy-duty, cast iron grates lie six sealed MonoBloc brass burners. Two of these are power burners that put out a scorching 19,000 BTUs, bringing pots of water to boil in just six minutes. The power burners come with a dual ring design that can operate independently for precise temperature control. Light the high-efficiency outer burner on one side to sear a thick steak, then lower the temperature with the inner burner to finish it off to a perfect medium-rare.

Additionally, the other four burners range in heating power from 3,500 to 10,400 BTUs. Each of the six burners comes equipped with a Thermocouple flame failure device. If the device detects the absence of a flame, your Bertazzoni will automatically cut off the gas, preventing a fire hazard in your kitchen.

Bertazzoni’s Oven

Bertazzoni's Oven

For even heat distribution throughout the 5.7 cu ft oven, the Bertazzoni range uses True European Convection with dual convection fans. An included thermostatically controlled cooling fan safeguards the control knobs from heat damage. Additionally, a wide, high-powered electric broiler utilizes a 10-pass system for eminently uniform cooking. Different foods require different proximities to the broiler for their perfect cooking conditions. For this reason, Bertazzoni included seven shelf levels for virtually any cooking need, from slow roasting large poultry to dehydrating vegetables. No need to worry about struggling to slide shelves in and out or wearing them down. Smooth telescopic glides ensure your shelves are resistant to abrasion from constant adjustments over the range’s lifespan.

After broiling sausages, peppers, and other greasy/oily foods that splatter, cleaning your oven interior can be a tedious ordeal. You can give it a good wipe down, but thin layers of residue will likely remain. Once you’ve removed large spillages and food particles, activate the oven’s self-clean cycle. This function employs a pyrolytic function which increases the oven temperature to a point where grease and food residue are reduced to ash. Between preheating, actual cleaning, and cool down, this process takes approximately two hours to complete. One more post-cleaning wipe down is all it takes to remove the remaining loose ashes.


Ilve 36-Inch Freestanding Dual Fuel Range (UPN90FDMPVSX)

Ilve’s Appearance

High-End Italian Ranges: Ilve

Ilve’s range is coated in a stunning emerald green veneer, lending a striking vibrance to your kitchen. Like the Bertazzoni, it’s expertly crafted in Italy, each piece made to order. Beneath the range lies a full-width warming drawer to ensure dishes are heated to the ideal serving temperature. It does this by using allowing between 125°F and 200°F from the heating element to permeate the drawer.

Ilve’s Cooktop

Ilve's Cooktop

What it lacks in raw power compared to the Bertazzoni range, the Ilve cooktop makes up for in cooking versatility. This unit sports five sealed brass burner, including a dual ring power burner with a heating capacity ranging from 7,000 BTUs to 15,500 BTUs. Switching on the burners is effortless with electric ignition knobs that require a single push to start. The center 10,500 BTU burner comes with an integrated stainless steel griddle. After you’ve whipped up some bacon and burgers, replace the griddle with grates to use as a standard oval burner. Similar to the Bertazzoni, the Ilve cooktop also features a flame failure device to prevent gas leakage.

Ilve’s Oven

Ilve's Oven Knobs

Unlike other brands that have numerous buttons to control their ovens, this Ilve range consolidates these functions into one knob for complete control of the 3.55 cu ft oven. The Easy-To-Use Selector Knob sets an array of useful electric convection functions best suited to what you’re preparing. Each function is represented by a symbol around the ring of the knob. As a result, you can instantly engage the function you want rather than cycling through a digital menu or using a tiresome sequence of manual operations. Not to be outshined by the cooktop’s adaptability, the selector knob can activate each heating element independently. Turn on the upper element to brown some pork chops, or just the bottom element to help cakes rise.

The most noteworthy function among these is the Grill-Baking function. Grill-baking works in tandem with this range’s electric rotisserie for perfect professional roasting of succulent chickens and other foods that benefit from low and slow cooking. Simply place the rotisserie turnspit on its support and in the motor inlet to begin. Once that’s done, you’re ready to start cooking.


Whichever of these high-end Italian ranges is the superior model is solely dependent on your personal cooking needs. What Bertazzoni brings to the table in terms of power and capacity, Ilve matches with multifaceted operations. No matter which range you choose, you’re certain to enjoy the experience of cooking the old-fashioned way.


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