Comparing Asko Washer and Dryer Series ? Classic, Logic, and Style

Comparing Asko Washer and Dryer Series ? Classic, Logic, and Style

Asko is a Swedish manufacturer that focuses on manufacturing high quality, durable cleaning appliances, including washers and dryers. Always committed to environmental protection, all Asko washers and dryers are ENERGY STAR? qualified, saving you water, energy, and money. Their Scandinavian heritage is also made apparent in their appliances' functional minimalistic designs, and the thorough 20-year durability testing each machine goes through before leaving the factory.

We'll be taking a look at their three washer-dryer series: the entry-level Classic, the feature-rich Logic, and their premium Style offering. Strictly speaking, the machines get better and more feature-rich as you go down the line. The aim of this article is to help you find out which line has all the features you need, and which you may afford to save on.

Comparing Asko Washer and Dryer Series: The Washers

The Washers

All of Asko?s three washers ? the Classic, Logic, and Style -are made from quality steel parts, including their Steel Seal? solutionthat eliminates rubber around the door; removing a vector for grime to gatherand clothes to snag on during loading and unloading. Their machines are alsomade extra sturdy due to their four shock-absorbing spring-legged QuattroConstruction? that also help the washer run with less noise and vibrations.

Features like Activedrum? Technology and SuperRinse? in their front load washers keep your clothes towards the center ofthe wash-basket, helps dirt find its way towards and out of the largerevacuation holes, and rinses with more water to eliminate all dirt and useddetergent.


The Dryers

Comparing Asko Washer and Dryer Series: The Dryers

For each of their three washers, Asko produces a corresponding dryer. Each dryer has a stainless steel Soft Drum? developed to enhance airflow around the laundry for an increased drying effect. Circular indentations with beveled edges also have a cushioning effect on clothing, reducing wear and tear as they tumble around the machine. And as they tumble, paddles inside the drum gently push the clothing in a figure-8 to further increase airflow by spreading the items out. This Butterfly Drying? also helps to minimize bundling and creasing. It does this by using two paddles to move items in a figure-eight which spreads them out. They come in vented or unvented iterations depending on the availability of ducting. Some can be stacked above their corresponding washer, halving the footprint of your laundry machines.

All three dryers are powered by a brushless motor that keepsthe machines more quiet as they operate, and also has one less part that couldpossibly malfunction. They?re also equipped with a Sensi Dry? systemthat uses a series of temperature sensors for a more even dry that alsoautomatically stops when it detects doneness, and a Multi Filter System?that uses a series of 5 filters to catch lint and other debris before it canreach the inner parts of the dryer.


Classic Series

Comparing Asko Washer and Dryer Series: Classic Series

The Classic Series is Asko?s entry-level washer and dryer series. With a 24-inch width and 2.1 cu. ft. capacity, the Classic washer features 15 wash cycles. The Classic Vented dryer has 9 dry cycles and a 4.1 cu. ft. capacity.

In addition to a Classic Vented dryer, the Classic is also the only model compatible with a Condenser or Heat Pump Dryer. These also have a 4.1 cu. ft. capacity, but each also uses a 2 US gallon water container. As expected, the Condenser dryer is the most affordable, but least energy-efficient dryer offered. The Heat Pump dryer is more expensive and more energy-efficient, but also harder to repair in the case of a malfunction.

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Logic Series

Comparing Asko Washer and Dryer Series: Logic Series

The Logic Series is a step up from the Classic series. Featuring a 24-inch width and increased 2.8 cu. ft. capacity, the Logic washer has 21 wash cycles and adds anti-allergy and speed modes for sensitive customers, and small loads that can't wait.

The Logic dryer has 13 dry cycles and a 5.1 cu. ft. capacity. It also has an improved way to deal with delicate fabrics like linen that extracts humid air from the drum in addition to a gentler tumbling cycle. Also added to this model are LED lights to illuminate the drum and porthole of the dryer.

As an additional bonus to the Logic series, it is the onlyone that comes in two colors: the standard White, or Titanium for fans of amore metallic aesthetic.

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Style Series

Comparing Asko Washer and Dryer Series: Style Series

The Style Series is Asko's premium line of front-loading washer-dryers. The Style washer has the same width and capacity as the Logic, but brings its cycle total to 24, and adds an additional night mode for overnight cleaning. It also includes an Auto Dosing system that mixes laundry detergent with water to ensure that all detergent is used during the washing process. The Style dryer has all of the features of the Logic dryer, plus 2 more dry cycles, for a total of 15.

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Washer Capacity2.1 cu. ft.2.8 cu. ft.2.8 cu. ft.
Wash Cycles152124
Dryer Capacity4.1 cu. ft.5.1 cu. ft.5.1 cu. ft.
Dryer Cycles91315
Exclusive ExtrasN/ATitanium Color OptionAuto Dosing in Washer

Conclusion & FAQ

The upgrade that should have the most impact from series to series is likely the increase in washer and dryer capacities between the Classic and the Logic machines. And with the two color options, the Logic series should be the perfect fit for anyone searching for their next compact washer-dryer combo. However, if you can make do with the reduced capacity, and don't care much about additional wash and dry cycles, the Classic series is a solid and affordable choice. The Style Series is really for those who can't settle for anything less than the best, most feature-rich option in compact laundry.

How loud are Asko washers and dryers?

The noise levels on Asko washers and dryers top out at 75 dBA

Are the Doors Reversible?

The doors on the dryers are reversible. The doors on the washers are not.

Can I stack a washer and dryer from different series?

No. Washers and dryers are only stackable within the same series.