5 Classic Hardware Designs to Suit Any Kitchen Cabinet
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5 Classic Hardware Designs to Suit Any Kitchen Cabinet

When undertaking a home renovation or construction project, selecting kitchen cabinet hardware is perhaps the last thing you have in mind. However, your project won't be truly complete until you choose the proper hardware that strikes the correct balance between function and form.

The final decorative touch pulls the entire project together and gives it the flair it needs while reflecting your personality and style. Decorative hardware comes in different types ranging from contemporary, traditional, modern, and rustic. Read on for an overview of each style to decide which one is the right fit for your home.

Styles of Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Kitchen Styles

The hardware you choose for your kitchen cabinets should always reflect the general design of the kitchen. There are five main groups of kitchen cabinet hardware, namely modern, country, traditional, contemporary, and transitional.


Traditional Kitchen

A traditional kitchen consists of elaborate detailing, moldings, and embellishments. Interior designers usually select more intricate knobs and handles for furniture style cabinetry when renovating a traditional kitchen. You can go for a pull or knob with a porcelain overlay if you like the vintage look.

The beauty of traditional kitchen cabinetry hardware is that it allows for flexibility and paves the way for bold accents. The best traditional-style kitchens lean on classic elements and allows room for family and guest entertainment.


Contemporary Kitchens

A contemporary kitchen is excellent for anyone who is into minimalism. It has a neutral color palette, usually gray or white, minimal ornamentation, and has sleek lines. To maintain the contemporary design in kitchen cabinet hardware, it's advisable to go for streamlined and simple hardware.

Curved barrel handles or linear bar handles work great for this hardware style. If you're going for a more cohesive look, choose handles in a similar finish and style as those on your stainless steel appliances to pull everything together.


Transitional Kitchens

Transitional kitchens are ideal for those who don't fancy renovating their kitchen often. A transitional style of cabinetry lets you blend traditional and contemporary elements to bring out a classic and timeless design. For instance, you can mix the polished look of inset-door cabinetry with contemporary and not hard-edged hardware. The hardware in question needs not be too ornate like a cup handle and should also have a matching knob.


Country Kitchens

Country or farmhouse-style kitchens are made to be inviting and warm, meaning your cabinet hardware needs to reflect that feeling. Such kitchens generate an inviting atmosphere that marries elegance and comfort.

Go for a simple knot or oil-rubbed copper, bronze, or black finish. A good finish tends to develop a patina with time, thus making it perfect for a homey-looking country kitchen. Also, ensure you have a generous layer of wood to play up the earthy vibe synonymous with country-style cabinetry.

If the dark color scheme doesn't appeal to you, you can go light from the cabinetry to the floors while incorporating some finished wood on countertops to provide the weathered look paired with a welcome pop of color.


Modern Kitchens

Modern kitchen cabinets combine materials like glass, wood, and metal to achieve a unique feel. This style also incorporates bold color choices such as deep reds, oranges, and greens. It also features slab doors that move away from excessive details with a significant emphasis on flat, sleek surfaces and no raised panels or crown molding. This design style favors those with small space to work with as it leans more on function over ornamentation.

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